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There are a number of food delivery services available around the US, one of the more prolific ones is DoorDash. This food delivery service is quite basic and simple to work with. There are a number of requirements to work for and with DoorDash, and that is expected since it is part of the driving gig economy.

Let’s approach this article systematically and begin from requirements, go through the signing up the process and discuss the operational side of things.

DoorDash Promo Code Requirements

DoorDash driver requirements

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Have access to a vehicle or bicycle
  • Any car, truck, motorcycle, or scooter
  • Own an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • US Driver’s license
  • Valid insurance — name on the policy
  • Provide a social security number (for a background check)
  • Pass a background and driving record check
  • Complete an orientation online or in-person

If you meet these requirements and own a vehicle or have access to one than the first thing you want to do is sign up. Take note that DoorDash makes a background check for the last seven years, so if you have any priors within a 7-year period, rethink about joining up.

The background check is performed by Cheqr

You can view your status here:

Once you are on the site you can do the following:

  • Review the Checkr Applicant FAQ
  • Submit questions to the Checkr applicant support team
  • Upload documents (Driver’s License or ID)
  • Check the status of your report
  • Request copy of your report
  • Dispute any issues with your report

Sign in-Up

Signing up is simple, but if you want to maximize your income, find out what the latest bonuses are, and sign up via referral code. Note that DoorDash drivers are self-employed couriers and are called Dashers.

DoorDash Drivers Income

DoorDash pays you once every Tuesday, and the earnings are transferred by PayPal or by a direct digital transfer to an account or debit card provider.

Remember that your earnings are gross, you will need to deduct all driving expenses yourself, so factor this in to estimate your net earnings.

  • Dashers get paid a base fee only of around $6.00 to $8.00 per delivery and around $10 to $25 per hour.
  • Dashers get all the tip amounts tipped by a customer through the app after the delivery has been completed. Sometimes you will get two tips, one from the merchant too.
  • Dashers get paid on a weekly basis, every Tuesday.

DoorDash Orientation

You will undergo an orientation program, it’s quite simple, and these are the main points:

  1. If you receive an invitation to on-boarding, then this is confirmation that you have passed the application process.
  2. Take note that you are a courier, this is not a full-time job, so don’t expect full-time employment.
  3. The orientation is held in DoorDash local offices.
  4. The orientation group size is between five to twenty new Dashers.
  5. I suggest you read up all about delivery services, specifically working for DoorDash online, and don’t just rely on the orientation class.

Tips for New Dashers

  1. I find that the best times to work are during rush hours, meal times, weekends, and holidays.
  2. DoorDash provides insurance that covers one million dollars in excess liability, including up to fifty thousand dollars in medical expenses. Bike owners get a one million dollar general liability clause.
  3. The Red Card: DoorDash gives all their dashers a DoorDash debit card for paying the merchants. Dashers do not pay in cash this is a no cash service, and if you have issues with the payment you do not pay for the items with your own money, ever!
  4. There are three types of merchants:
    1. Deep Partners, these are merchants that have online access to the DoorDash catalog and the prices are fixed and not estimated.
    2. General Partner has prices in the catalog, they do not have full access to the systems so sometimes their prices can be different than the actual price.
    3. Non-partners, they do not appear in the online catalog, customers add them at their discretion. Some of these merchants are cash only, so they are refused and “blacklisted” in the online merchant’s list.
  5. If you own a bike, make sure you have a firmly attached, and sufficiently bug box for deliveries.

The Dashing processes

Dashers need to prepare their schedule six days ahead, so that way the company and you know when and where you will be working. This also sorts out shifts, since shifts to get filled, DoorDash is not into an oversaturation of the market and does not want upset Dashers with no deliveries to be made.

Once you start a shift, you will wait for your first order, and then you start. It’s really simple, accept an order, go to the merchant, pay for the order, drive it to the customer, deliver it, get a tip (or not). Wait for the next order.

In most cases the app will give you the exact address of the merchant and the customer, sometimes they can be in unusual places, you can call them, just make sure you have their contact details.

Where does DoorDash operate

DoorDash currently operates in over 300 cities, here are the main 25 markets (hubs) you can find out information that is in your locale.

  • Canada – Calgary
  • Canada – Edmonton
  • Canada – Toronto
  • Canada – Vancouver
  • AZ – Phoenix
  • CA – Inland Empire
  • CA – Los Angeles
  • CA – Northern California
  • CA – Orange County
  • CA – San Diego
  • CO – Denver/Boulder
  • DC – Washington D.C.
  • FL – Miami
  • GA – Atlanta
  • IL – Chicago
  • IN – Indianapolis
  • MA – Boston
  • MN – Minneapolis
  • NC – Charlotte
  • NV – Las Vegas
  • NY – New York City
  • OH – Cincinnati
  • OH – Columbus
  • TN – Nashville
  • TX – Austin
  • TX – Dallas/Fort Worth
  • TX – Houston
  • TX – San Antonio
  • WA – Seattle
  • WI – Milwaukee

DoorDash support can be reached:

  • Phone: 650-681-9470
  • E-mail: