FamiSafe is a Parental Control App designed to keep your family safe by Wondershare. With the progress in technology and all the perks of digital age becoming easily accessible to people of all ages, parents do get a bit worried about their children’s safety online. The online world, just like the offline one, presents its puddles in the path, and you might not want your kids to step into them.

However, depriving them completely of the modern era technology and devices which their peers might be using and learning from is not a very wise thing to do. The best thing that you can do as a parent is to try and regulate their activities online with the help of a child protection software. Manufacturers at Wondershare understand your concerns perfectly. Thus they came up with an application which will assist you in keeping an eye on your kids’ activities online and protect them from potential harm once you have downloaded it.

How FamiSafe Works

The first step in incorporating FamiSafe into your device is registering an account with your phone or your kid’s phone. You only need one account to get registered on both the devices. After registration, you can install it on both, your phone and your kid’s device. You can download the application on all kinds of smartphones whether they are powered by Android or iOS from their respective online applications’ stores. All you have to do is search for the application in the store and you will find it.

Next, you will have to set up the application on both devices. Setting up FamiSafe is a bit different for iOS-powered and Android-powered phones. Differences lie in the installation of the Application settings and allotment of necessary permission.


For Apple/iOS: After logging into the application, select ‘kid’ out of the identity options and provide with other necessary data such as name and age on your child’s device. After that, you will have to grant FamiSafe the needed permissions to work on your devices. You will have to allow the FamiSafe application to access location and install the Mobile Management Device File on your device.

For Android:  Android users will also have to log in to the account on their child’s device, choose the identity as ‘kid,’ and provide the name and age details.

Once you have entered the name and age data, you will have to activate the FamSafe’s settings in 4 steps. First, a screen will show up asking you to ‘Activate location tracking’, press the ‘Activate Now’ button and move on to the next screen. On the second screen, FamiSafe Application will ask you to allow it to activate ‘usage access’. After selecting ‘Activate Now’, pops up the third option which is to activate app supervision, activate that too. In the last step, FamiSafe App will ask you to allow it Device Administrator rights. Select the ‘Activate now’ option here too.

After successfully installing and setting up FamiSafe on your kid’s device, go to your device, and set up your account settings. Log in and identify as the parent then connect your account to your child’s. Now you are ready and set to use the FamiSafe application.


Benefits of Using FamiSafe Application

Once you start using FamiSafe App on your devices, it will relieve you from pressures of protecting your children from all sorts of unsafe content available online. From Pornography to absurd online chat rooms filled with predators to attack your children’s innocence, FamiSafe will take care of all harmful websites and applications. It will keep track of their location and block them when required. The FamiSafe app will keep track of your children’s location and submit you a report about their activities online.

Drawbacks of Using FamiSafe

As with the increased control, comes a drawback. FamiSafe is an expensive parental control app. Though its basic features are free to use and easily installed, FamiSafe’s latest features need to be purchased and they come at a price. But then again, if you are a worried parent, either you will end up looking for an affordable alternative or put in all your efforts to install this one.