Winter is on us, and the cold weather can enter the house even if it’s only in clothes. Fabdog is an online store that sells pet fashion clothes and has now outdone itself with a new line of matching pajamas for pet owners. As their site states:

Is your dog a fabdog®?

Frenchies in rain gear. Shibas in shearling. Labradoodles in plaid PJs. Your dog is fabulous, why not dress them like it?

We’re fabdog®, a high-quality clothing line for refined and fashionable dogs. We’ve been dressing pups across the world— from Chihuahuas to Labs—since 2002 in our original designs. We believe in true fashion for dogs—donning them in only human approved style.

fabdog® Matching Human and Dog Green Plaid PJ Holiday Set available at

Cassie Cole founder of Fabdog likes to state that her story started with her dog Lucky, a cocker spaniel, and then it became more than just a dog clothing it became a Fabdog, a trademarked fashion house that provides fashion for dogs, and now for owners.

We expect to start seeing executive’s dogs wearing suits and tires, doctor dogs wearing surgical scrubs as well as Uber dogs wearing all black for that luxury ride. If you are a dog owner and want a fab Christmas, go become a fabdog fashion buyer.