Samsung officially introduced Galaxy S8 last year. This device has a curved display with rounded corners and really no bezel. This might appear to be very much different, but apart from this, what else is new?

This device has a host of unique and innovative features. Below are the key features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that are most talked about. These are the best features that make such a smartphone to stand out from the others. Have a look at the following:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Infinity Display

Without a doubt, Infinity displays are a big shout-out characteristic of both S8 and S8+. The Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch display packed into what feels like an ordinary size smartphone, with a scarcely there bezel. That by itself is accomplished of building, yet the phone is additionally a thing of beauty to look at. It has a perfect unbranded face, liquid-looking display, and mirror-like glass back. Till now, the one terrible thing we have observed in the display is its strange aspect ratio that might bring about pillarboxed 16:9 recordings. Or else, Samsung has pulled off a visual magic trick. Despite everything you need in a phablet; there is a version with a 6.2-inch display as well.

IRIS Scanner and Facial Recognition

As most of the times, we remain in touch with our phones, Security is one of the major aspects of your everyday lives, and it is of utmost importance. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has taken it a notch advanced. This smartphone has ultra-fast Iris Scanner along with a swift facial recognition system. In reality, the facial recognition system is very much swift which one would find it difficult to even capture it on a video.

The Iris Scanner functions by capturing the Iris patterns with the assistance of an ultraviolet LED. Same as to the fingerprints, Iris patterns are likewise unique, so that this might go a long way for protecting your smartphone as against the intruders.

Free Touch

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a phone that incorporates the same mechanism into its base portion, which implies that when you tap the home button, it gives haptic feedback in response. Also, this smartphone doesn’t have a physical home button. It has capabilities of face-scanning and fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is presently on the back of the smartphone, following right next to the camera lens.

10nm Processor

It is something which you look from the outside, but the chip built using the ten nano-meter procedure inside is a technological marvel. In simple words, it implies that Samsung can pack in a manner that has more power in a chip which is much smaller than the earlier ones, enhancing efficiency and performance without making use of more space.

Better Selfie Camera

Samsung was uniquely stifled when it came to the Galaxy S8 photo snapping abilities, yet that may be on account of the greatest changes made to the front-facing camera, not the back camera. The selfie camera catches 8-megapixel photos with a f/1.7 focal point and also has autofocus abilities. In our short trial of the front-facing camera, auto-focus functioned admirably and quick. Selfie lovers are welcome!

Mobile HDR Premium

Samsung is the first one to have its Mobile HDR Premium that has an approval stamp as it had made use of the UHD alliance. Since the providers Amazon and Netflix are involved, this signifies that video will appear to be stunning in that long, vibrant display.

Bluetooth 5.0 and IP68

The very first smartphone in the world comes with a Bluetooth 5.0; the Galaxy S8 has included another feature in its pool. For the beginners, with the increase in the throughput in the robust Bluetooth 5.0 you can beam the same audio to two devices at the same time. Additionally, connecting and pairing with the devices is also very faster.

With an update Bluetooth, the Galaxy S8 also does the similar level of resistivity to water and dust as with the older Galaxy series mobile phone. It is IP68 dust and water resistant, so it is good if it gets a little bit wet in the rain. Also, this device is touted to be safe up to 1.5 meters of water for a period of 30 minutes.


Samsung has positioned a virtual assistant which is largely focused upon assisting you for getting the stuff done on this smartphone itself. You can set the reminders, cast your screen of the phone to your WiFi connected TV, search through the photo galleries, all by clicking a Bixby button and talking to it. This button is situated on the left of the phone.

DEX or Desktop Experience

DEX is an exceptionally cool, clever device which is the core of a dock which plugs in a desktop monitor, transforming your Galaxy S8 into a proper computer. It has adequate physical ports for connecting almost anything comprising hard-lined internet, and you can connect a wireless mouse and keyword, for a proper feel of the computer.

Wireless Charging

The Samsung Galaxy S8 supports both the fast charging and wireless charging. The wireless dock makes the charging as simple as placing a smartphone down. If you go with the official Samsung accessories, the fast and sleek wireless charging pad might also be used as the stand of a phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Wireless Charger

Unlike, most of the earlier wireless pods that would take three to four hours for recharging a device completely, the Samsung pods charging speed are incredibly very fast. Besides, this device provides all-day battery assurance and additionally the USB Type-C port certainly places to rest the battery questions.

A More Durable Battery

As per Samsung, the Galaxy S7 battery is retained about 80% of its capacity after a year of typical recharging. The Galaxy S8 has lithium-ion cells that retain 95% of their capacity after a year of use. This is great, particularly for the batteries which are sealed in.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone packs in incredible features which make it a seamless futuristic mobile phone with its share of the bezel-less display, wireless charging options, and DEX support, etc.