In these days, people try to buy more reasonable options regarding price. The real cost of technologies is growing, and if the old car could afford to buy almost any citizen of the country for an annual salary, today most attractive options have to work not one and not even two years. Therefore, the popularity of B-class hatchbacks is growing. These cars are quite a low cost and excellent driving qualities, provide the usual comfort of travel. Many owners of modern hatchbacks in this segment speak about the high practicality of the machine, about small fuel consumption and other advantages. Do not also forget that we are talking about new cars, which are quite attractive regarding comfort and technical equipment. Automobiles with the body of the hatchback type cause the unambiguous attitude of motorists. They seem to be too leisurely, family, and some people still associate them with more people than available seats of people. Some people might get afraid that because of the combination of luggage compartment with the salon will be uncomfortable and cool; someone does not want to constantly fold the rear seats for the loading of bulk cargo. The hatchback is more passable, spacious, maneuverable, and in recent years is also very stylish and even sporty.

There are different types of hatchbacks; they come with one or two rows of seats, as well as a rear door. The main difference of the hatchback from the wagon and sedan is the shortened rear overhang of the body. The trunk of this type of car is directly connected to the cabin, thanks to which its volume can be seriously increased by simply removing some rear seats. However, its volume still will be not much more, if to

compare with a sedan. In total, the hatchback is well suited to the role of a family car, where sometimes there is a need to transport bulky cargo, which is much easier to load and unload because of the large fifth door. Cars of this class are compact and wonderfully adapted to the city conditions. There are many popular city cars that suit small families, and we have details on Suzuki Cervo and Daihatsu Mira. These are two rivals to each other, which one you should buy?

Some History:

Suzuki Cervo Cars, revived after a long hiatus since the end of the fourth generation in 1998. Unlike the MR Wagon, developed at the same time as a family car, Cervo is a model of a higher class due to the greater athletics. Compared to MR Wagon has a well-functioning steering mechanism that gives pleasure from driving. The distinctive feature of appearance is characteristic lateral lines of a body. And Mira is (as far as I know) is in its seventh generation. The rounded appearance differs by smooth characteristic lines. Due to the updated platform with a long wheelbase, the car received a spacious interior. Developed by Mira Custom, which has a high functionality thanks to its sporty style. Unlike the standard Mira model, Mira Custom has folded headlights, radiator grille, and an aerodynamic kit. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.


Suzuki Cervo, among the top modifications, should be noted sports model, equipped with an aerodynamic canopy and alloy wheels, as well as a model, which includes a system of wireless communication Bluetooth hands-free option. There are two types of engine: atmospheric and TURBOVYH. All models are equipped with 4-step “automatic,” and on TURBOVYH models it has a mode of the manual gear shift. The basic equipment of all models includes a remote key.

Added sports modification “SR,” which is installed TURBOVYJ engine with direct injection capacity 64 “horses” with a mode of the manual gear shift. The body is equipped with a characteristic aerodynamic canopy. Also, on all modifications, the engine is attached to the body through oil dampers, which allows reducing vibration. Improved suspension design made the car more comfortable. The “G,” “T” and “TX” modification salon is now equipped with a rear seat backrest adjustment mechanism, and the passenger seat on all models has a mirror on the rear of the sun visor. Reduced fuel consumption for the modification of “G” with the atmospheric engine. Models equipped with an atmospheric engine have become more economical. Some models are only for 4.5 liters per 100 km, meet environmental standards and fall under preferential taxation.

What about Mira? The interior of the Mira Salon is made of light-colored materials, and Mira Custom is a muted black. Reduced fuel consumption, due to a combination of idle and variation, its figure is 1 liter at 27 km (Smart Drive Package). Also, a laser cruise control is installed as an option on the Monoprivodnoj version of Custom RS. More expensive materials are used in the salon, besides the part of models is equipped with the devices with automatic illumination and multi-information displays. The changes touched the appearance: Now the basic equipment includes a chrome grille, tinted glass, painted in the body color of the door mirrors with electric drive. Also, the number of modifications to four has been increased.


Suzuki Cervo has a little unique exterior and comes in a boxy design language. What do you get on the front? The front houses boxy side swept headlights, a boxy grille with an accent and a boxy air intake. This car featured air intake and flared wheel arches which result in attachment with the front bumper. On the back side, it offers you neat stacked tall side swept taillights. This should feel a traditional hatchback.

On the other hand, Daihatsu Mira Cars have a traditional exterior design. On the front end, you get trapezium styled side swept headlights and boxy grille. There is a rounded fog light as well. When it comes to the backside, you can tall and slim vertical stacked taillights setup. This is 5-door hatchback but feels similar to others a lot.

Which one to pick?

The Daihatsu car is not very expensive and trustworthy to go with on the road. But it is not easy to find spare parts for this car. Cervo is best for those who like comfortable driving on not very expensive cars. It has a stunning interior. But it is also not suitable to those who like to have spare parts near to them. It is not easy to find spare parts for this too.