It is essential for your business to have a decent business credit score. Firstly, it will aid you in getting a loan for your business as and when the need be. Secondly, a good credit score will lead to low rates on insurance and loan interest. Thirdly, it will help you in segregating your personal and business credit scores. And finally, a good credit score will augment the reputation of your business.

Some Quick Tips to Boost Up Your Business Credit Score

If you think that boosting up your business credit score is tough, then you are wrong. Below are the best 70 tips that will improve your credit score fast. Take a look,

  1. Track Your Score; there are some ways through which you can track your score namely,
  • Check whether your credit card company provides a free credit card monitoring
  • Pay a minimal fee to a credit bureau to access your credit score
  • Sign up for a service which will check your credit thereby allowing you in tracking your score.
  1. Distinction Between Credit Report and Credit Score. Knowing the difference between the two is crucial. The credit score can be improved with time while the credit report is a document which holds enough financial information. Akin to the credit score you cannot improve the credit report in the same manner. There should be no errors on the credit report.
  2. Read the Credit Report. While reading the credit report check the following- ensure that your personal information and contact is accurate, recognize every account, check the payment history and balance, the credit inquiry must be correct, and the public records must be right.
  3. Understand What is Written on the Credit Report. The credit report has 4 vital information that you need to understand- your personal information, your trade lines, credit inquiries, and public records.
  4. Request the Three Credit Reports. Request for the three credit reports-TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.
  5. Collect the Free Credit Report. Search for that free service through which you can check the credit report each year.
  6. Monitor the Credit, always remember good credit also demands to monitor.
  7. Take Wise Financial Decisions
  8. Stop worrying and obsessing
  9. Keep your credit under control
  10. Keep reminders for payment
  11. Keep a list of every credit account
  12. Check your dispute status
  13. Along with informing the bank or credit company, it is also important to notify the credit bureau
  14. Inform the credit company
  15. Select the Credit Score Tracker
  16. Discover which class you fall into
  17. Know the different score categories- exceptional credit, outstanding credit, good credit, fair credit, and poor credit.
  18. Learn about the FICO scores
  19. Know about the method used for calculating the FICO score
  20. Begin with the smallest debts and move to the largest
  21. Handle the debt smartly
  22. Check the total credit that you have
  23. Discover the total amount that you owe
  24. Make the payments on time
  25. Contact collections
  26. Steer Clear payoffs or charge-offs
  27. Get in touch with your creditors
  28. Get current when it comes to your payments
  29. Schedule for an automatic payment
  30. Mix up the credit
  31. Build a strong credit
  32. Limit the credit amount
  33. Choose a secured credit card
  34. Look for a starter card
  35. Gather some credit
  36. Pay your debt strategically
  37. Clear the rates of interest that is the highest
  38. Pay through found money
  39. Pay more than one time per month
  40. Pick the most appropriate card
  41. Create a balance between high balances and credit limits
  42. Know when you should transfer the balances
  43. Learn to negotiate
  44. Understand your balances
  45. Open the credit account carefully
  46. Build the credit limit gradually
  47. Keep balances low
  48. Keep the lines of credit open
  49. Upgrade your card
  50. Understand the fees and costs offered by the credit repair company
  51. Know when you should hire the services of a law firm
  52. Choose the credit repair company carefully
  53. Discover the role that the credit repair company plays
  54. Always hire the right company
  55. Understand the ratio of debt to credit
  56. Balance the ratio of credit utilization
  57. Do not close the old cards
  58. Control your spending habits
  59. Request for an increase in the credit limit
  60. Select the best credit monitoring plan
  61. Check your credit from time to time
  62. Clear payments on time
  63. Do not let the balance go out of control
  64. Check the report annually
  65. Limit the credit inquiries
  66. Monitor your progress
  67. Keep in touch with the credit repair company
  68. Initiate the process
  69. Know the timeline

So, now you are well aware of the 70 best guidelines, tips and tricks that will help a great deal to improve the credit score of your business.