There is no denying the fact that an Indian woman loves her sarees. However, when you are asked to put on the six yards of elegance and walk around in the sweltering heat, the answer from most women is a big no. The saree is not the preferred summer outfit because the temperature makes it impossible for anyone to wear heavy sarees and the cotton sarees are not deemed as fit for every occasion. But wait before you shy away from the sarees for the summers. Have you thought of trying out the amazing linen sarees for this season?

The first thing that comes to your mind when someone says linen is definitely either men’s wear or home décor. But linen saree has made its place for long as a classic for the summers. These gorgeous sarees look classy and feel comfy which is precisely what you look for in your sarees for the season. The best part about the linen sarees is that it dries out really fast, so you need not worry about embarrassing sweat patches ruining your look. The following are some of the ideas for exquisite linen sarees that you can try out.

The style quotient of the monotone linen saree

Nothing beats the stylishness that comes with a monotone linen saree. While you can always go for bright colors in monotone linen sarees, it is best to stick to pastels. Linen sarees in a single color looks simply amazing in pastel shades like blue, pink, or light green. Go for a printed blouse or a blouse in contrasting color to go with it. Give the final touch in the form of big silver jewelry, and you are all set for the day.

The elegance of white linen sarees

There is a timeless appeal of the white linen saree that makes it a favorite for women. White has always been the color of the summers, and you will look like a picture of pristine beauty when you step out wearing your white linen sarees. The shade is soothing to the eyes and is one the best ways for you to beat the heat. You can go all white by going for a blouse in the same color or keep it interesting by pairing it up with a dark colored blouse.

The sleekness of slate grey linen sarees

The slate grey color in sarees is the latest in-thing and women cannot get enough of it. You will get some fabulous linen sarees in the slate grey color. The good thing about this color is that it gives you a slimmer appearance and looks good on every complexion. Pair it up with an off-white blouse, and you are good to go. It is best not to pair a white blouse with a slate grey linen saree as the contrast looks too stark to be pretty.

The flair of the multicolored linen sarees

If the monotone sarees are too simple for your taste, go for the multicolored ones. They are so vivid and vibrant that you bound to fall in love with it. The multicolored linen sarees are perfect for those days when you want you to look bright but not too in your face. Pick out the linen sarees in which the colors seamlessly merge into one another and not the one in which the colors stand out as separate stripes.


The awesome dual-toned linen sarees

You will find a number of options in dual-toned linen sarees and each one look better than the other. Some of the popular dual-toned linen sarees include blue-white, green-off white, and white-grey. The sarees like these generally have their pleats in a different color than the ‘pallu.’ Some of these sarees have detailing on the ‘pallu’ in the form of fringes or beads at the ends. Choose the darker color out of the two as the color of your blouse.

The single or multiple border linen sarees

The border of the linen sarees is generally simple and one-tone. In very few cases, you will find a saree that has add-on designs on the border. The thickness of the border depends on what you prefer to wear. The thumb rule, in this case, is going for a thin border if you are petite and a thick border if the height is on your side. There is another new kind of sarees that you can get where there are multiple thin borders all along the saree, and these look quite fashionable as well.

The opulent mix of tussar and linen

The linen sarees that come with a mix of tussar are perfect to be flaunted on the major occasions like weddings or festivals. The tussar gives an opulent and rich look to the sarees and makes it easier to carry. These sarees also have more vibrancy to it that makes it ideal for any ethnic summer occasion. Go light on the saree but heavy on the jhumkas and other accessories. You can add-on a gajra and bindi for a complete look. Thanks to the linen saree that you choose, you will be much more comfortable in enjoying the occasion than others in their heavy kanjeevarams and jardousis.

These linen saree ideas are what you need to look entirely at ease in the summer heat. In terms of picking one among them, the question is: why pick one when you can add all of these to your wardrobe?