Cross country road trips are an exciting way of exploring the diverse regions of the United States of America. Whether you would like to embark the journey with your gang of friends or with the extended family, cross country group trips are a great way to strengthen the bond. You can easily charter a coach bus rental that suits all your needs and makes the group transportation easier. However, the road trip comes with great planning with respect to the route, food and shelter. Here are a few practical tips on how to plan a successful cross country group road trip.

1. Plan your route

There are a number of route layout apps available on both Android and iOS services. These route apps are very reliable as they help in calculating the distance, time, fuel costs, stopovers and even suggest restaurants and attractions along your way. In case you do not want to entirely depend on electronics, take to the old-fashioned way of marking your route on paper maps. It is always a good idea to have a backup. Plan your time of arrival at tourist attractions accordingly to avoid wasting time waiting for your turn or missing out entirely for showing up late.

2. Consider the weather

Driving across different coasts, you will face diverse weather conditions. Keep that in mind while packing your bags. It might be bright and sunny in one place and cold and rainy in the other. It is always a good idea to pack a few extra blankets, windcheaters, bathing suits and hats. Check the weather before you start your journey every day so that you don’t get stuck in a storm or a heat wave that might bring down everybody’s mood. Afterall, safety comes first!

3. Food and stay

It is not a good idea to live on fast food and junk all through the road trip. Instead, pack some healthy snacks and easy to eat food items before hitting the road every day. You might come across a beautiful landscape and decide to have a picnic or simply save some money by packing food beforehand. Moreover, look for an Airbnb accommodation for your night stay. It works out cheaper for a group stay when compared to hotels and also has a flexible check-in/out time. Alternatively, for the adventurous spirits, try camping at a few locations.

4. Explore and enjoy

The advantage of a road trip is that you can decide on your itinerary and attractions to visit. Driving across the country, you might come across some of the lesser explored areas and attractions. Also, try some hiking or cliff diving with your gang to make your trip memorable. If traveling with kids, do not forget to pack some travel activity books and toys. Games are also a great way to bond with your family when on a road trip. Take turns driving and do not drive for a long distance at one stretch. Lastly, enjoy the trip and also the things that come along with it. Do not stress upon fulfilling the solidly planned schedule; go with the flow and be prepared for every experience.

Other things to remember:

  • Do not forget to pack an emergency kit.
  • Choose your route and stick to it. Whether it is a scenic route such as the Pacific Coast highway or a historical route like Route 66, decide beforehand.
  • Carry enough cash for gas and repairs.
  • Pack lightly with essentials.

An adventurous trip like this is a must in one’s lifetime to explore a new place and indulge in its diverse culture. Whether it is spring break or thanksgiving, get on an extraordinary trip with your loved ones. So, when are you planning yours?