Whenever the word ‘weight loss’ comes to our mind, we always think of going to a dietician and take some advice on how to lose weight with a suggested diet. However, some dietitians do not suggest a strict diet for losing weight. They help their clients in gaining the perfect satisfaction that they basically want. An individual has to understand that sudden dieting works against a huge number of intuitions that have been developed by our bodies over hundreds of evolutions.

Moreover, the weight that an individual loses through the process of dieting is mainly temporary in nature. There is a large number of people who end up regaining the weight that they lost from dieting because they are unable to maintain the strict routines that they set up for themselves.

Why Don’t Diets Work?

You should have a sound knowledge about why the diets do not work. Listed below are the reasons that you should keep in mind.

Diets don’t create sustainable change

Dieting actually trains the brain of an individual, and that is why it makes it pretty hard for an individual to resist food that they like. It is indeed a mechanism for survival. Without proper food, surviving would become difficult for human beings. For producing energy, food is a must as they are the source of calories. Without calories, your body will simply shut down. When there is a shortage in the supply of food, the different hormones present in your body starts to accelerate. Those are the hormones that make the taste of food better. As a result, an individual ends up eating more than he actually needs.

Dieting causes your metabolism to slow down

Dieting is somehow harmful to the body as it slows down the metabolism. This means that the calories which you actually take through foods are stored in the form of fat in the body. It makes the situation worse, and you will surely end up gaining the weight that you lost through the process of dieting.

Biologically, diets slow down weight loss

You need a lot of nutrients to stay strong. Most of the diets lack in producing the required nutrients. You will start feeling tired, and soon your health will start deteriorating. This basically makes you gain weight rather than losing it.

Dieting trains your brain to make food harder to resist

Most of the foods that we take in our day to day life are not natural and inorganic. However, these foods are tastier, and people get addicted to these foods easily. Additionally, the diets that are over-restrictive in nature will surely take the pleasure of eating from you. Which, as a result, will let you incline more towards the fast foods and other unhealthy foods.

What Works in Place of Diets?

Practice mindfulness

One of the most important things that one has to keep in mind is that they have to focus on the term “feeling good” rather than “looking good.” This feeling should be changed from inside because if you are not healthy, you will not look good anyways. After all, “feeling good” is what everyone’s brain looks for. Mindfulness plays a key role to endeavor the things that make you feel happy from inside.

Drink your black coffee while dieting

Black coffee enhances the weight loss, and thus, one should include black coffee in their diet plan. You can try coffee makers from friedcoffee to prepare your own healthy and tasty coffee.

Accept your wonderful self

You should always try and accept your beautiful self, and in reality, most of us fail to do so. The first step that should be done for accepting one’s self is that one shouldn’t be judgmental in everything. This helps us to see what the real thing is rather than self-criticism. Self-acceptance helps to motivate an individual. It gives you the positive way of doing anything. Rather than simply giving up, one should focus on motivating themselves.

Change the way you think about exercise

You should change the way how you think about exercise. Ask yourself, what do you want? You will get your answer. Exercise helps to replace shame, stress, and anxiety with new exciting relationships with joy and confidence. It will make different physical activities a part of your life and will surely give you enough energy and always will make you feel fresh and positive from within.

Thus, it is evident that you need to control your diet and instead concentrate more on exercising and working out if you want to lose weight. Your body remains healthy, and you will get more energy to do all your work.