Until a couple of years, real estate advertising was all about black-and-white newspaper ads or handwritten CMAs. However, with revolutionary breakthroughs, you can now broadcast anything to thousands of people with a mere push of a button.

However, just because the internet has made things conveniently simpler doesn’t imply that real estate advertising is a piece of cake compared to decades ago. Instead, the internet has given birth to a relatively higher number of options to advertise, making the job much harder.

Steps To Creating Engaging Ads

To fully utilize the services that the internet has to offer, you need to stay up-to-date with the trends and learn to render eye-catching ads.

Here are a few steps to enable you to create ads that convert:

Targeting the Right Audience

To ensure that ads turn out to be excellent and engaging, you need to know the audience to target. People that are on the lookout to purchase real estate must be considered the ideal audience that needs to view the advertisement.

Ads must be created in such a way that it connects with the buyer and convinces them to approach your organization for the business. You need to know what the audience wants and what they seek while purchasing real estate.

Eye-catching Images and Short Yet Impactful Messages

In times of busy schedules and hectic lifestyle, people don’t have time to read out an entire passage about an advertisement, no matter how convincing the message.

The best way to ensure that the intricacies of the advertisement are conveyed is by using high-quality, detailed images and messages that are short yet understandable.

People have been known to pay more attention to visual content. Hence, it becomes paramount that you focus on creating slideshow videos or catchy images instead of texts and hard-to-decipher phrases.

Prefer Slideshows or Picture Videos

Advertising via slideshows and picture videos creates a more profound impact on the viewer. Video content instead of mainstream texts or static images gets shared considerably more.

Video Graphic content has been known to send impactful messages in a relatively short period, so the user doesn’t have to stay glued to the screen longer than they wish.

You can also choose to produce real estate explainer videos. This would significantly differentiate their business from the rest. They are meant to be serious, as they convey your value proposition and the capabilities of their agency.

Display In-depth Graphs, Guides, Statistics or Maps

The top-notch real estate ads have dedicated graphics incorporated into the video content. You must hire a professional graphics designer to include meaningful images, charts, graphs, statistical values, and much more to their ad content and posts.

A little touch of humor and wit would surely do good for your content. That could lead to more clicks and a larger audience viewing your ad.

Add Music To Slideshow

One of the highly effective ways to increase average clicks on your ad online is to soundtrack your content with a suitable piece of music. You can either choose a piece from the library of the online video editing platform or select the soundtrack of their choosing.

Many media brands use video editing platforms to produce short format video content at the scale and speed required in the video-first, mobile era. With the aid of these platforms, a person can learn how to make a slideshow with music and give it a touch of professionalism.

Cost-Effective Facebook Ads

Many of the real estate facebook ads are cost-effective and fast when it comes to procuring more clients. Facebook ads are not only confined to the platform itself but often display on Facebook’s partner websites.

Here are a few tips to know if you intend to utilize your Facebook ad budget properly:

Localize The Advertisement

It is much more frequent that people in your neighborhood or city would be looking for real estate instead of people who are relocating from other cities or towns.

Exclude people from other cities and focus on potential clients that live nearby and have been meaning to move recently. Utilize Facebook’s geo-targeting tool to target the entire city correctly.

Use Capturing Graphical Content

Creating a slideshow video with the best eye-capturing content is extremely necessary as people would barely look at the ad before scrolling down. Hence, the opening content graphics need to be captivating and detailed just enough that the viewer understands the ad.

Being creative and incorporating a touch of innovation is essential as real estate ads these days have gotten cliche and too predictable. If you can manage to exploit the element of surprise with the audience, then you most certainly have a higher chance of procuring more clients.

Well-defined Landing Page

A landing page is defined as the page that a viewer will land on once they click the ad. This page is your website from where further navigation shall proceed. This step is just as important as capturing the viewer with graphical content.

Now that the user is interested, you need to ensure that they stay that way by building an excellent website that is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

  1. Be ad-aligned: Often, the ad conveys something else, and the landing page offers something different. This leads to fewer conversions.
  2. Use Colors: The background and font color of the website must tap into the emotions of the user. This can be done by analyzing the psychology behind colors and visual perception.
  3. Emphasize Value: The page should not include redundant talks, but instead cut to the pitch. Mention what the user wants and how the website can deliver.

Final Words

The domain of real estate advertising has witnessed an exponential rise in quality and means of broadcasting to people. To rise above the ordinary, you must learn to make real estate ads more engaging and visually appealing.

There are numerous ways to do it, which are not only proficient but also cost-effective. Facebook ads are a great way to boost the inception of your real estate business. There are many excellent video editing sources to help you create a professional slideshow or video content for advertisement.