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Though it is one of the most important aspects when choosing a care home, the location is often something that is overlooked by a lot of families when it comes to providing them with the care that is needed. This can lead to your loved one feeling isolated and could also cause issues when it comes to you visiting them in the future. But with a bit of careful planning and some research into your local and surrounding areas, the perfect care home could be closer than you think.

Consider The Stress Of Moving Items 

When moving to a care home, you need to consider what is going to happen to a large portion of your loved one’s belongings. Are you going to move it all into storage or are you going to move items such as a dresser and their favorite armchair into the home? If the answer is that you are going to move items into the home, you need to consider the distance of the home from their house as it can make moving furniture difficult.

The Distance For Friends And Family To Visit 

In addition to the distance from their home, you should also consider the location of the home from the rest of their family and friends. This can have a huge impact on the mental health of the resident moving in as it runs the risk of them feeling isolated. Therefore, finding a care home that is near to their family and friend whilst giving them the level of care that they need will make the moving process significantly easier and will allow people to visit with ease. Whether this is one of the many care homes Colchester or a care home in London, there are several luxury care home out there to choose from.

Consider The Distance From GP Surgeries 

When moving home you will need to let your work, as well as the doctors, know that you are moving and the same applies to those moving into a care home. If you are moving out of a specific area, then you will find that you may be under a new GP as a result. Therefore, letting both the old Gp and the new GP know is a must to make sure that they are aware of a new patient and have all the medical files moved over. If you want your loved one to stay at the same GP surgery, you will need to find a care home suitable within your local area.

Look At The Surrounding Infrastructure 

The final element that you need to consider is the infrastructure surrounding the care home. Though being in the countryside sounds like an amazing idea, a care home out in the middle of nowhere may not be ideal for someone that requires regular hospital visits and needs to get there in a hurry. Therefore, it is important to consider the distance between the care home and the nearest hospital as well as what is around such as supermarkets and places for them to visit on a day out.

When you have considered all of these different variables, you can then begin to create a shortlist of care homes that you think will be best. From there you can then check availability and begin the process of moving your loved one into their new home.