Most businesses today are heavily dependent on an IT and computing infrastructure.  As a result, computer illiterates find themselves at the risk of being phased out unless they acquire this fundamental skill.

Luckily, the increased importance of computer literacy has led to a corresponding increase in the number of courses on computer proficiency. It is possible to learn computer usage skills, regardless of your age. Moreover, online learning platforms such as ITProTV mean that you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

The 4 best ways of improving your computer skills include:

Choosing an Area of Specification

Computing in its entirety is a large subject; it is almost impossible to master all of its aspects. Therefore, it is imperative for the prospective learner to identify their preferred area of specialization.

The most obvious influencing factor in choosing the area of specialization is your career goals. Here, it is advisable to take a glance at the skills that frequently occur in the job descriptions you came across. Having the most desired skills automatically gives you the upper hand over other job seekers.

Alternatively, this information can also be acquired online or by asking your peers.  For example, you can ask your contemporaries what software they use for their daily operations or what skills they wish to learn.

Learning the Basics

You must at least have basic computer literacy skills before starting a course focused on a specific area of computing.

A basic understanding of the working mechanism of computers makes it easier to grasp the more advanced concepts such as programming, networking, the internet, and many more. The internet has a flurry of free resources to assist you in learning the fundamental skills of computing.

Taking an Online Course

After completing the two steps mentioned above, you should be ready to embark on a specific course. Since you are most likely working, an online course is recommended due to its convenience.  Platforms such as ITProTV and Coursera allow users to set their preferred schedules of learning such that they do not interfere with their workplace routines.

Also, learning on the internet has advantages over the other methods because learners have access to a vast library of resources, both free and paid.

Applying the Knowledge

Knowledge is only useful when applied. Furthermore, testing your skills enables you to gauge how much you have learned and what you need to improve on.

Usually, a majority of computing courses (both online and offline) require trainees to complete a project at the end of the program. This is the best way of testing your skills in a real-world situation. If this option is not available, however, you can apply the skill on your own. For instance, you can develop your program or set up an internet connection.

Lastly, you can participate in online contests and hackathons related to your skills.