A Few Reasons To Know Behind Your Hair Loss


In medical terms, hair loss is called alopecia and may affect most people at different times in their lives. The factors causing hair loss can vary from simple to complicated, so this analysis covers the fundamental aspects. Hair loss specifically refers to the growth of hair that reduces on the scalp, and not the hair that falls out after growing from the shaft. Hair loss can sometimes be permanent or temporary. In almost all cases, hair loss issues with both men and women can be treated. Some can go with PRP Hair Restoration Toronto, or others may opt for the hair transplant procedure. Here are a few reasons behind hair falls:


Statistics reveal that the most common cause of thinning hair is pre-determined genetics- and 2 out of 3 people will have hair loss before the age of 60. In particular, men are more affected by hair loss than women, so male pattern baldness is common in men as a genetic condition. In this case, hair loss may occur at the beginning of adolescence years and early 20s. The hair goes back along the temples- leaving “widow’s peaks” or hair falling follows a pattern of the horseshoe where only the sides and base of the head are left with hair. Women’s hair loss pattern is known as androgenetic alopecia.

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Aging & Stress

The physiological symptoms of hair loss can be observed by both genders as time progresses and it is anticipated for most of the population when people reach their 60’s. Like every other part of our body, hair follicles will get older and as the follicles worsen they can cause hair loss. Physical stress and emotional stress are related to loss of hair. Stress may be triggered by any trauma or serious illness or hormonal changes (as a result of treatment or even pregnancy).

Health Conditions

Hair loss can be caused by serious illness and medical conditions. Other more common conditions that can cause hair loss are cancer where chemotherapy and immunosuppressive drugs can trigger hair loss. The most common conditions are thyroid diseases and iron deficiency.


As mentioned previously some medications can cause hair loss. Immunosuppressive and chemotherapy medicines are the obvious ones. Most people don’t know that the pill and the steroids can also cause hair to fall. Other drugs, including blood pressure medications, asthma, heart disease, and even acne can cause permanent or temporary loss of hair.