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What Experts Say About Tom Brady’s “TB12 Method” Diet Claims

Tom Brady says that "It really doesn’t matter how much exercise you do if you’re not eating the right food and providing your body the...

The TB12 Method – An Exercise and Diet book by Tom...

Five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady is considered one of the best NFL quarterbacks of his time. He has long spoken about his training style,...

Gym Exercises for Muscle Building

If you got the all green clearance then let’s start building those muscles in the gym.

5 Foods To Boost your Metabolism

You are probably blaming your stubborn fat on your slow metabolism believing it is a genetic misfortune of which little can be done. It’s...

Why Diets Don’t Work (And What actually does)

Whenever the word ‘weight loss’ comes to our mind, we always think of going to a dietician and take some advice on how to...

Can Bad Diet Cause Cancer?

Cancer is a mysterious condition as no one clearly knows what triggers changes in healthy cells and why does it take place in the...

10 Healthy Foods which Complement your Workout Like Nothing Else

Take the instance of a machine for a second. If you don’t lubricate it with good quality oil, it won’t be able to run...

Nutrition tips- Healthy food for kids

Nutritional habits are learned in childhood and later largely retained. But how do you get kids to eat healthily? Reminders and penalties go back...

The DASH Diet: Lower Body Weight and Blood Pressure

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The DASH diet is a way of life; it is a healthy eating habit aimed to...