The term google analytics means a tool that is capable of observing the progress and studying the performance of your website. Use of Data analytics has become more crucial in business than before. Due to this, bloggers need to be told and guided by the positive impacts to improve their sites.

Besides adding value to the success of a business, google analytics also provides you with website gains. It is used to track over 30 million websites across the world equating to a possible 8.4% share on the market. Why do most people use google analytics despite having other tools? Discussed below are the reasons why Google Analytics is the best options.

1.Evaluate and target your audience

As a monitoring medium, google analytics can be used to target your audience and potential customers to purchase your products or services. You may already have an audience, but google analytics helps identify whether it’s the correct target. The information available on your website should help you target more audience in online marketing despite using demographic data. This information includes the age, location, gender and the user’s interests.

By understanding your audience, you can ensure that your ads and campaigns are of use and matches the customer’s interests. With this tool, you will also understand the source of your significant traffic to the site.

2.Evaluate traffic flow to your site

Do you wonder how you get traffic to your site? Is it through google ads, campaigns, social platforms or from other sites? There is an easy way to analyze this. Google analytics is the best medium to implement. It will categories your traffic by geographical region, age, gender, level of income and many others.

3.Study your audiences niche

In this case, as a marketer with so many product or services you might not know what your customers searched on your website. It would be essential if you understood to plan on your marketing strategy and how to deliver to the audience. By having accurate information, you will add more content to the most searched products or services and make an improvement to boost the rest.

4.Targeted campaigns

Google Analytics and Google AdWords should be used together to optimize campaigns and perform better. By using analytics, we have enormous success, which would help us launch paid campaigns and success trends.

A report obtained from the analytics have a detailed analysis of your visitors, their location, and how they behave on your site. This information will help you create targeted campaigns. Below is a way to find the audience using your AdWords account.

  • First, find the audience you have success with in the past. In analytics., go to
  • Audience
  • Interests and then to
  • In market

Take note and filter the organic traffic alone.

As shown in our example above, our primary segments are employment, travel, and education.

  • In the case of the affinity audiences, go to:
  • Audience
  • Interests
  • Affinity categories

We note that the process for affinity and in- market is the same though gives different segments.

  • In AdWords, you will use the information from analytics to set your display campaigns.
  • Choose a “Display Network Only” campaign.
  • Choose how to target your ads by selecting “Interest and Remarketing.”
  • In the drop-down menu, choose the type of list you would like to pull in.
  • Search for the audiences that match what you pulled.
  • Upload your ads and launch your campaigns.

By getting knowledge about what works and never works can be a great way to commit your time and energy on the right track and leave those that don’t function. Google analytics offers a campaign tracking feature that helps you measure the campaigns that can help you drive customers to your site. It is important to note that a marketing campaign can help you reach the target set for your business.

5.Budget allocation

By having precise knowledge of what works best and what never functions, it would be easy for you to make a broad decision on how to invest. Google analytics gives a clear report on your budget percentage increase and decrease depending on the model you choose. This report is enough guidance that you need before proceeding.

Another benefit that google analytics have on the budget is that it shows your investment on various location. For instance, using the location report, you may have some visitors from the UN where you had not invested. In this case, it will indicate the expected budget in the target location.

6.Website usability improves

By studying how the audience uses your website, you can determine how the users are satisfied. By viewing which pages have the most bounce rate you gain knowledge what users are looking for from the site.

By understanding the devices and OS that the users use while visiting your site may also help impact some change. For instance, let the website be compatible with all these devices to ensure more traffic to the site and for the best user experience.

7. Automated Emails

After you adjust the settings for customizing your site’s data reports, you can send them via automated emails to the targeted emails.

Since set frequency is for a specified period, you can make changes to your satisfaction. Google analytics ensures that it is fast to send real-time reports to the intended individual.

8.Its free to set up, use and no maintenance is required

To set-up a google analytics tool, you only require a google account. The interface is easy to use as you will just log in your details to check on the site’s progress.

Google Analytics is free to use, unlike other tools that you have to pay a subscription fee. It is an excellent opportunity for small business which should utilize the rare chance. However, significant companies require advanced features which will need a low subscription to advance. Google takes care of maintenance; there is no need to worry.

In case you have a running website and have not set your google analytics, then set one. It is easy to set up, no requirements needed and has no maintenance cost. Make it regular to analyze the performance and improve on the declining sectors. It will lead to a successful business.