Like all the other things the chain mesh fencing has both pro and cons. Apart of all things, one thing is for sure that the fencing can last forever if maintained with proper care. It is the standard fencing which is accepted by most of the people. It is the woven fence that is made up of steel wire which is galvanized. The link of wires runs horizontally in a zig-zag manner.

Types of Chain Mesh Fences

  • Galvanized or Zinc-Coated Fences: Galvanized chain mesh fencing is zinc coated, and some endings of the wires are uncoated at times. They require almost no maintenance, and if there is in case some requisite of the maintenance then that have to be very little. You can easily install such fencing in your outdoor areas and they will not get affected by adverse weather conditions.
  • Aluminum Wire Fence: It is light in weight, strong and has a great life in general. This cannot be damaged quickly, and also there is no impact of the changing weather condition. They are best for commercial and residential properties and you can install such metal fencing in your home to protect your family. Aluminum chain mesh fencing is also worth investing.
  • Stainless Steel: This is extra durable. This can also resist high temperature. This is also durable in the harsh weather condition. Stainless steel chain meshes fencing are mostly used in the commercial institutions.

Pros of The Fences

The fences are strong and water resistant. The quality of the chain mesh fencing cannot be doubted as they are resistant to high temperature, rain, heavy wind etc. But they can be vulnerable to various elements of nature like those of the cyclone, flood, earthquake etc. This is especially used to separate the backyard into small segments. These fences do not block the sunlight on the area and you can easily make the border around your landscape with such fencing.

This is also available quite cheaper and is the best affordable option that can be preferred. This can be easily installed without seeking the help of the labors. Moreover, this is more of a decorative sort of fence that looks quite elegant as well as is of great help when you decorate your house with the lightings.


  • The major drawback of these sorts of fences is they can be easily climbed and thus it does not ensure the safety and the security in the premises at all. So, the major issue is privacy. But if you use them at your outdoor with some additional meshes then you do not need to compromise with your security measurements.
  • If you are installing a fence for the security purpose, then chain mesh fencing is surely not an option for you. But if you are installing a fence to keep animals away from your premises then this can be a preferable option for you. So, make sure that you install the fence according to the purpose that you require to be served by the fence.
  • The chain fencing is the most basic and straightforward pattern, but they are available in various types. You can choose the chain mesh fencing for the field of your home or office as it is durable enough and is stylish as well if they are colored appropriately. So, make sure you install the chain mesh fencing keeping in mind that the purposes of the fence that can be served.

As no one likes to invest in the same thing over and over again so you must consider your requisites and then make a decision of the type of the fence that is best for your premises, you can contact the local building department if you want to install the fences.