Social media marketing (SMM) impacts businesses of all sizes, scope, and nature and its immense growth made compulsory for businesses to bring changes in their online marketing strategies. According to the Altimeter Group, firms make use of Social media marketing packages in India to achieve multiple business objectives like customer relationship management, increasing annual revenue, customer retention, product marketing, etc.

Going by the numbers in 2010, social media sites account for 12% of all the user time spent in a day where the average users are spending 4-5 hrs every single day on these sites. Those who are 15 years of age or more are found to be spending 15.6 percent time online. Here, are few ways how SMM is a miracle for your business:-

Market Research

To study variables like culture, views, and lifestyles which hugely impact consumer behavior, LinkedIn or Facebook marketing company in India finds social media platforms quite reliable. In order to design and develop advertising and marketing strategies and to target potential customers, social media firms heavily rely on the data obtain by social media platforms. Issues that impact negatively to existing company’s market opportunities can also be highlighted through social media conversions.
Firms can market their product directly to their consumers. Such marketing helps in leveraging the company product message which is spread through other promotion tools. Firms are informing about their innovations, launches, promotions, and sales through SMM in a quick and cost-effective manner since they know more than 95% of the millennials is always active on one of their social media accounts.


Facebook marketing company in India assists corporates to incorporate social media functions into their business website to engage consumers. For example, they include options like email friend or customer product rating for more target audience engagement.

Public Relations

PR specialists keep control in spreading of bad news about the corporate on social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can convey the corporate news to an audience in real time. For example, an investor relations department depends on several social media channels for customer engagement.

Brand Building and Value

Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook marketing services in India help in synergizing branding strategies and creating brand value. Firm management exhibits transparency while creating brand awareness on social media platforms. These platforms create a favorable image of the brand in the minds of the consumers.
At present, firms are not required to take years or substantial budget to create a value proposition of the products and services in the minds of their consumers. digital marketers need to follow the law of value and they cannot the risk of blatantly promoting products and services to potential consumers on social media platforms.


Social media websites are growing as customer service arm of the corporates and provider of Twiter, LinkedIn or Facebook marketing services take advantage of this to build the reputation of the company. The consumers can get a reply to their problems in less than 30 minutes when they post their concern on company’s profile on these social media platforms. Some consumers even go very specific and use brand-specific hashtags.

Reach Potential Employees

Facebook or LinkedIn marketing services help the HR department of the firms to directly approach the potential employees. The firm can also determine if a recruiting program resonates with potential employees through the feedback the company acquires with respect to job-positions advertised or the recruitment program itself.

Retention of Customer

If 68% of Twitter users become followers of your brand, it indicates that these users will buy your product too. The resulted sales and loyalty of customers towards the firm is mainly due to the use of Social media marketing packages in India to convey their brand value and create positive word-of-mouth.

Customer Base Expansion and Customer Relationship Management

When the corporate message gets conveyed through Facebook or LinkedIn marketing services, it attracts and reaches new customers. Broadcast of positive customer feedback with respect to corporate message and its product to 100 million Twitter users and 600 million Facebook users assists firms in their traditional marketing efforts such as print and advertisements.
The main benefit which firms can achieve is to have a strong relationship with its customer. Firms can have real-time online connections with both existing and potential customers, and they can convey information with respect to their brands. The corporates get benefits from positive word-of-mouth and believe that greater degree of engagement with customers will lead to a stronger relationship and this will result in positive impact on product reputation, sales, etc.

Remain Ahead of Your Competitors

Every Fortune MNC is available on one or the other social media platform to pay close attention to their competitor’s message to bring changes in their business strategies and tactics. For example, data published by Starbucks regarding future franchise locations are a key factor used by other coffee houses to work on their franchise locations.


Firms can reach millions of consumers by investing less Social media marketing packages in India. They can save a lot on promotional tools like advertisements and other marketing and sales efforts.
At present, interactivity and conversions are more than putting an email link or a contact form on your business website, search engines are not slow or inefficient as they earlier used to be, and business-to-consumer communications is growing immensely. Social media marketing has transferred the power from the company to the individuals. The brand which offers value usually gets shares, likes or up-votes.
A Facebook marketing company in India or Linked marketing firms have changed the business landscape for both businesses who have accepted social media platforms and those who have not accepted. Facebook has 600,000 regular users across the globe and offers a brilliant opportunity to corporates to connect with these users. Every social network allows users and corporate to share interesting links, content or images.