Facebook is one of the leading social media apps worldwide. Dramatically, minors and teens are the most regular users as compare to the adults. The need of setting privacies on the FB has become parenting phenomenon. Every parent wants from their teens or they themselves want to set privacy settings on teens no time ever before.

On the other hands, the online predators are always ready to harm teens and want to make interaction with the minors. Therefore, fixing the privacy settings will reduce the danger for your teens to zero. No doubt about that Facebook is a fun place and best way to spend leisure time on the web. Most of the users in the world are using the Facebook on their smartphones. So, parents need to set the FB privacies on teens and kids cell phones.

The continuous presence of infinite numbers of predators and the anonymity makes them more dangerous than ever before. So, we have to find out how you can set privacy on teens FB to protect them from all ultimate dangers while they are having a fun on Facebook.

Get started with FB Privacy settings: But First!

You need to do some settings in the target Facebook account of your teens and minors that really help you out to keep strangers and predators away from your children to the fullest. You just need to look at the top and view the link “Settings”. When you hover over the link you will complete menus that surely release pop-up. Now you have to make a click on “Privacy Settings” from the particular menu.

Now take a look at Facebook Privacy settings

Who can see profile information?

Make changes in the settings and don’t allow to strangers to contact your target FB profile. However, you can change the settings that don’t allow someone to view personal information such photos, videos, friend list and else you can add to the teen’s Facebook profile. Initially, you have to visit the Facebook profile security of Teen’s instant messenger profile. Just allow the friends only to view all of the settings on the page.

Who can visit photos?

All you need to put all of your teen’s photos from public mode to friends only or on custom if necessary. So, the strangers would not be able to see the photos of your teens and minors on the Facebook. Furthermore, you should guide your teens that don’t allow any online stranger to see your photos that they have stored on Facebook.

You need to start with settings of the profile and make a click on the profile link. Now you need to scroll down the page and you will have a link “Edit Photo Albums privacy settings” make a tap on the link. Now you can choose “My Friends” or “Custom”.

Who can visit the personal information?

There are certain things that need to set under the privacy such as IM screen, email address, website URL, and home address and contact number. You have to change the privacy settings if you don’t have customized it earlier. Now once again go to the page of “Profile.” Now make a click on the “Contact information” tap to change the old settings and put the personal information “friends” or in “custom” mode.

Who can find your FB Profile?

Anyone can find you on the social media app or website and they just need to search for your username or real name that a user such as teens and minors has submitted to the instant messaging app. So, tell your teens to hide your profile from the strangers and only allow to friends only. Now go to the “search” and change the old settings and find out the “Search Visibility” and choose the option “friends only” it will be enough for the teens to avoid from all the unknown strangers or online predators to the fullest.

How can people contact you on Facebook?

Obviously, people want to explore your profile and want to see your photos and other information to have your teens as a friend. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to control all these things that can make way for the strangers to make contact with the minors and with the teens. Simply, you just need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, there you can see “How can people Contact you” section. Make settings to avoid stranger to see your teens and kids photos or their friend list. Allow or disallow people to add your teens and minors to make them friends.

Use parental control software

In the end, if you still want to keep an eye on your teens and minors Facebook activities and you want to set a parental control on their instant messaging activities. Install Facebook monitoring software on teen’s cell phone and remotely view FB activities or lope holes in your teens Facebook account.


Use these tips as soon as possible to set privacies on your kids and teens Facebook account and prevent them from all the digital nightmares to the fullest.