Just because you’ve never cast a spell before, doesn’t mean you don’t want to start reaping the benefits that spell casting can offer. Here is a step by step, the no-fail guide on how to cast a spell and make it effective.

In order to cast a spell and make it effective, you’ll need more than just a few candles and some well thought out poetry. Magic is centered around manifestation and concentration. You must first become a master of yourself before you can master the art to cast a spell.

Spells are available to be found just about anywhere, but to obtain powerful and favorable results, we’ve created a step by step guide that will ensure any spell cast is a good one.

How to Cast A Spell
How to Cast A Spell

Step 1: Ingredients

To cast a spell effectively, you must first know what type of spell you’d like to cast and what you’ll need to cast it. Assembling ingredients and alters is an easy feat, no different than completing a shopping list. Find out what objects you will need for your particular spell and have them at the ready.

Step 2: Focus

To be able to effectively cast the spell of your choice you must first be focused and calm. Purify yourself of any unwanted emotional energy by meditating. This can be achieved through traditional meditative practice, or if your more hands-on- try taking a salt bath. This will cleanse your aura and release any undue tension from your muscles and mind.

Step 3: Purify

Ensure that both your space and yourself, are clean and without distraction. In order to cast a spell properly, both the room and the caster have to be purified. Following meditation or a salt bath, anoint yourself with appropriate essential oils. Each essential oil will have its own enhancing effects, so be sure to pick the one that will accompany the overall desire of your spell appropriately. Once properly anointed, make sure that your robes, or whatever clothing you choose to wear, are clean and comfortable. The ability to cast a good spell relies largely on your ability to focus purely on the task at hand.

Once you have purified yourself, now you must focus on purifying your space. As you clean, manifest all evil or mischievous spirits leaving the area. One your space is tidy, burn incense or sage to further purify. Cleansing incantations can be spoken while cleansing the air to help maintain focus. Spread salt lines or disperse salt water around the room to further aid in purification. Once you have cleaned the space and air, take a moment and center with the room. Ensure that all is well and that the area feels positive and powerful.

Step 4: Create a circle or an altar

Depending on both the spell and your personal preferences, you will want to create either a circle or an altar.

  • Creating a circle to cast a spell, you will need chalk, salt, or ash. As you draw the circle, with whichever medium you choose, imagine protective energy flowing from your core, to your arm, down into the object used to draw the circle. You may mark the points if you wish or draw a star in the middle. This is up to the preference of the witch, but the circle is what’s truly important. Amass all of the objects necessary for casting a spell inside of the circle and do not exit it until the spell is completed.
  • To create an altar to cast a spell, you must find some manner of a raised platform. Add the raised platform to the purified room and place on it any objects necessary for the spell. In the middle of the altar, place an object that is significant to the deity or spirit you will be consorting with.

Step 5: Invoke the greater power

In order to cast a spell, you will rely on the help of a greater power. To invoke the greater power, you may rely on incantations, dance, gestures, or prayer. Be gracious and ask them to bless you spell in advance of casting a spell. Because you’re asking for their help, it is important to keep in mind that you are grateful for them and their assistance.

Step 6: Focus your energy and your desire

Intently focusing on your desire is paramount to cast a spell that will be effective. Envision yourself accomplishing your goals. See the object of the spell being cast clearly. Let light flow from you into the spell being cast. The more focus you can bring to the object of your spell, the more real and compelling your spell will be. See it as true and let as much power and energy as you can muster flow into your desires. As you see it, so it shall be.

While some spells are more complicated and have many steps involved, these easy steps will ensure better results any time you cast a spell. Begin with this routine and you are sure to see desired results!