The popularity of coffee is widespread and is not limited to any specific region of the world. Some prefer to take it in the morning before starting their day, whereas some like to have a hot mug right before bed.

Are you a coffee addict? Does paying top dollar for a cup of coffee multiple times of the day feel heavy on your pockets? Does switching to making it at home not satisfy you, and you miss the characteristic coffee taste you love? Fret not as we have got your back. Making yourself a coffee at home is a great idea indeed, but only if you know how to do it right.

Reasons, why you don’t end up making it good, could be several. If you want to know how to make good coffee at home, you’ve come to the right place. We will share 5 tips that must be considered when making coffee. Hang on here and find out which one you need to work on that holds you only one step away from brewing the finest coffee for yourself.

Quality Should Be at its Best

You can only have a good cup of coffee with a characteristic aroma and taste if it is made from high-quality coffee beans. There are several types of coffee having different origins, which taste quite different from one another, but whatever the type is, purity and quality must be guaranteed.

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Prefer Beans over Grounded Coffee

Coffee freshly brewed from beans taste different than that made from ground coffee, and you can’t deny that. You will see the difference once you experiment with it yourself. Coffee beans consist of certain oils and aromatic compounds which tend to volatilize with time. When the beans have been kept crushed and roasted for a long period, their taste and aroma get lost. Grounded coffee offers more surface area; thus, this process is even faster, leading to its poor quality and taste over time.

The best idea is to take coffee beans, freshly ground, and roast those to make yourself a classic cup of coffee.

Check Which Water You are Using

Not only the quality and purity of coffee beans are important, but good quality water is also important when it comes to brewing the perfect coffee. People often use running tap water in their homes for this purpose, and it’s totally fine if the water being used isn’t having any dirt or obnoxious taste and odor. But if it’s having even slight of it, it would definitely affect the taste of your coffee brew. Filtered water is the best for this purpose. However, the use of extra purified water, such as distilled water, is also not encouraged.

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Use the Right Amount

It’s a common mistake that people make when measuring the amount of coffee to be used. First, you need to know how much coffee you would need to add to how much water to get you your desired number of cups of coffee. Secondly, better weigh the amount rather than just supposing it with a spoon or scoop. Do it with a scale considering weight rather than volume. It would create an obvious difference.

Heat Uniformly

Heating is a critical step, be it about water or milk. The right temperature is important for keeping the whole coffee-making process right, as well as the end results.

There are many other tips, do’s, and don’ts when it comes to coffee making. The 5 shared above are some major tips that pretty much account for a good cup of coffee. Further, proper storage plays a significant role. No matter how expensive or good quality beans you buy, it would all be useless if you do not know how to store those properly. Many people think that storing coffee in a refrigerator is good while actually, it’s not. In fact, it is the worst. Coffee tends to absorb moisture when refrigerated thus is more prone to spoilage. Coffee must be stored in a dark, cool place in an air-tight container.