The key to having a happy office lies in the simple task of motivating your employees. This type of motivation need not be a rise in the salaries which can easily be deterred by a long HR process. It can be as easy as aligning your employees to the right jobs. Recent statistics show that only 41 percent of office workers believe that their job description aligns with what they do. This means most them are frustrated having to do jobs and projects that are way out of their scope. To rectify this, you should appreciate your workers when they take on difficult projects. You should also recognize them for their work regularly.

Another way to improve the productiveness of your employees is by allowing them to browse on social media. Did you know that 60 percent of office workers say that browsing on social media helps them during their decision-making process? When done in moderation, use of social media in the office could greatly boost their mood. Another way to make your office happy is coming up with ways of reducing stress. One of the creative ways is to have office plants around the office. A research that was done showed that employees were 15 percent more productive when allowed to bring sentimental items in the office.

You can also allow your employees to carry their work home. Surprisingly 76 percent of office workers prefer to perform some of their tasks away from the office. The other tip is keeping your meetings short and doing them before lunch. You can also do them when standing up to ensure they are brief and only the important points are discussed. You can also allow the employees to bring their pets since pets have been known to make employees happy and relaxed. For other tips to make your office happy check the tips below.

Anatomy of a Happy, Productive Office