The tradition of cutting cakes for birthday dates back to the Ancient Romans. The fried bread was served in olden days as a cake-like dessert. A beautiful birthday cake is a perfect way to make your dear ones feel special. It’s indeed a difficult task when one has to select a birthday cake from a wide variety of cakes. There is nothing more gorgeous than a birthday cake with crystals. What if the cake hangs upside down? It sounds amazing, right? Well, hanging upside down chandelier cakes are structurally made and are attached to a stand so that they don’t collapse. Order the best chandelier cakes for someone special to illuminate the light of love with a treat.

Have a Look at the Top 5 Chandelier cake

Special days like birthdays come around every year. It is one of the most fun things in the world to wait a whole year for a day and when it comes, you might be not sure about how to celebrate it. It would add extra fun to your special day to cut a chandelier cake because it is pretty tricky though. Here are the top 5 designer chandelier cakes for a special occasion.

1. Three-tier upside-down cake

It would be a unique way of saying happy birthday to your dear one with a hanging upside-down cake. This three-tier upside-down cake has beautiful crystals hanging upside down from the side which looks like a chandelier hanging at the center of the stage. The cake along with ribbons tied on the top of the cake stand and personalized with name or wishes on the top of the second tier looks impressive. This cake will truly be a treat to your taste buds.

2. Chandelier cake with a studded ribbon

Gone are the days when cakes for special days used to be simple. A fantastic way to treasure your upcoming happy moment is to order a chandelier cake. A three-tier cake stubbed ribbon looks simply wow. These cakes are decorated with edible sugar flowers like other usual cakes but the structure and use of silver-studded ribbon and hanging crystals make it look like an amazing chandelier cake.

3. Five-Tier Cake on a Swing

To make your chandelier cake more amazing and impressive, you should put the five-tier cake on a swing, at a higher place. It can even carry style and status statements of people to make it more luxurious and attractive. These cakes can be ordered as theme cakes for theme weddings or any other occasion. You can now place orders for this special cake in online cake shops and get it delivered on time via online cake delivery.

4. Floral Cakes

A floral Chandelier designer cake is perfect as a wedding cake. They are simple and elegant with an average size. This cake with a floral pinch, in an inverted shape, looks impressive and is surely a visual treat to eyes and taste buds as well. To make it more attractive they are decorated with colorful flowers and jewels holding beneath it which makes them perfect for floral wedding theme cakes.

5. Miniature cupcakes

If you do not want cakes, better opt for cupcakes. There are in no way lesser than cakes. You can even hang colorful cupcakes at your indoor and outdoor reception using colorful threads and ribbons and make the special day much more creative than normal.

Final thoughts

The concept of cutting chandelier cakes is quite popular in international markets, and they are now slowly trending in India too. Make use of the cake ideas mentioned above to make every special day a memorable and impressive one.