Updating and improving your home is something that every homeowner seeks out at some point. There are minor things that we can take on ourselves or you can hire an expert to help you with the process.

If you own a couple of saws, as a band saw or a table saw, you can get right to work with some DIY wood projects for home improvement. You will be glad you took these on and even appreciate the simplicity of some of these projects when you get started.

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Let’s take a look now at some of the top DIY wood projects for home improvement!


Shelves are perhaps the most prominent DIY wood project you will come across. You can make shelves however you want to and you can make as many as you want to. You can stain them to your tastes or décor and you can personalize them far more than just about any other wood project out there.

The fun thing about making DIY shelves is that there is little possibility of you messing up the project. Of course, this could depend on how unique you make your shelves. The good news is that you can easily piece together beautiful shelves that will look like you purchased them handmade from a professional and spent big bucks!

Here’s how simple it is!

  1. Space and location of the shelves
  2. Map out a plan
  3. Take measurements
  4. Cut wood as necessary
  5. Put shelves together
  6. Place shelves where they go

It really is SO easy! Even if you are a beginner DIY entrepreneur, shelves are definitely a task you can tackle with ease.

Book Case

A bookcase is a gorgeous DIY wood project that is relatively simple to put together. It’s really pretty similar to shelving but slightly different. This is an actual case. It will need a base and specific, measured shelve inside of it.

This bookcase will have a top, a bottom, legs, and a back. A bookcase can be unique and made to your style, taste, and size needs as well. You can always use Pinterest for some inspiration or stick with something simple that will hold your books or knick-knacks without a ton of extra effort.

We have every confidence that beginner and practiced DIY fanatics can take on making a bookshelf with ease.

Picture Frames

Every house needs picture frames! Whether you’re lovingly hanging photos of your family or your pets or whatever scene you want to see on your walls, you will need picture frames to improve your home.

Picture frames are so easy to make and again, you can personalize them and make them simple or fancy if you prefer. These are fun and a great way to put your DIY wood tools to use. All you need is some wood (you can even use scraps) and a reliable source to get a glass for your frames when you are finished!

Tables, Tables, and More Tables

Let us be clear, we understand that tables are a broad category but think of how many different tables you can make and contribute to home improvement! Maybe you need a night table by your bed.

Maybe you just got new furniture and your end tables just HAVE to be replaced! Or maybe your coffee table bit the dust and you want to attempt to create your own. These all fall into the tables category and they are all something you can create and build as a DIY project.

You can make tables, no matter which type of table it is, to meet your tastes and your specifications. Make them lightweight, make them decorative, make them unique! Whatever you want to do or whatever you are inspired by can be brought to life here!

If you really want to kick it up a level, you might want to consider a DIY home improvement project of building your own dining table. This could certainly take some time and effort and maybe even practice, but it’s an awesome improvement task that you can take on!

Don’t let anything hold you back here!

Porch Swing

No home is complete without a porch swing. You can sit and relax or spend time just soaking up the outdoors with your significant other or your children. Hang out with friends, read a book, or just swing and smile.

We have fond memories of grandma’s house. She always had this old, wooden porch swing and we all loved it! It brings back so many fun times and now our own homes offer the same memories.

Making a porch swing on your own can be pretty simple. There are a lot of instructional videos and even Pinterest boards or other instructions that will walk you through the process. Obviously, stability and how you hang the swing are important but the materials needed are limited and it’s a repetitive process from start to finish as well.

Coat Rack

Are you tired of coats lying around all over the place and never feeling like you have a place to hang them up? We have a solution! Making a DIY coat rack is another simple home improvement project that will easily solve your problems here.

You can’t go wrong making a coat rack and it’s quite simple to complete. You just need some wood, a basic design, and then, of course, hooks to attach for the coats as well.


You don’t have to be an expert to take on DIY wood projects for home improvement. There are options for everyone from big projects to small projects and everything in between. You will also find that there are valuable resources for whatever project you decide to take on that can help walk you through step-by-step.

The key to a successful DIY wood project is having the right tools for the task! What project do you plan to tackle first?