While adult incontinence is a big medical problem in modern society, it is important to note that women are more at risk. According to the National Association for Incontinence (NACI), over 25 million adult Americans of which 75-80% are women, suffer from symptoms of urinary incontinence. A report published in the Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Journal says the overall incontinence prevalence among women stands at around 16%. In a study by the American Urological Association, 38% of women surveyed said they had suffered an episode of urinary incontinence. The prevalence rate could even be higher as many women opt to suffer in silence due to the stigma associated with this common problem.

If you or a loved one under your care suffers from adult incontinence, it is time to help them take back control of their lives by using the best incontinence products for women. In this article, you will learn more about these products, the impact they will have on your life as well as how to choose the right one.

Why We Choose Incontinence Products?

To appreciate the importance of using these incontinence products, you have to evaluate the effects of this health problem on the life of a woman. For a start, adult incontinence is an embarrassing problem that will most likely force you to withdraw from social circles.

Most women lose friends, and this causes low esteem. They fear to go out in public lest they suffer an episode of urinary incontinence. Also, they stop living an active lifestyle. This leads to health problems including weight gain, heart diseases, and other issues. Some women also lose their jobs and choose to forego other income generating opportunities due to this condition. In essence, adult incontinence turns the life of a woman upside down.

However, the introduction of available adult incontinence products changes all this. Some of the reasons to use these products include:

1. Freedom to enjoy life: There are no limits to what you can do in life, as you do not fear any embarrassments when in public.

2. Overall wellbeing: When using an adult diaper for women, you can go swimming, riding as well as enjoy other activities. You can stay healthy and fit despite suffering from adult incontinence.

3. Preventing skin/urethra infections: Whether a woman is active or immobile, using the right incontinence protection keeps them dry and prevents sores and infections.

4. Better hygiene: When wearing an adult diaper, it is easier to maintain a high standard of hygiene especially for the elderly under your care. The best diapers come with anti-leak guards, odorless materials and other features that make it easier to provide higher quality care for the elderly under your care.

5. Better quality of life: When a person can move around and interact with family and friends without any fears, they feel happier and possess the determination to live longer. That is of course what every family wants for their elderly loved ones.

There are other reasons to use incontinence products. However, in summary, the user enjoys a better quality life while the caregiver finds it easier to provide better quality care

What Are The Products To Manage Incontinence?

There are different incontinence products for women available in the market. They include:

1. Adult diapers for women: They come in a special design suited for a woman’s anatomy. The design makes these adult diapers comfortable and efficient. More importantly, the woman feels confident to move around as the discrete diaper fits easily under their clothes.

2. Pessaries: Is a vaginal insert. Most doctors recommend the use of this effective incontinence product. Pessaries go into the vagina and help to support the bladder or compress the urethra. With so many sizes and shapes available in the market, you will have to try to find the one that fits you perfectly. They are ideal for active women, and you can remove and clean them before inserting them back.

3. Panty liners: They are perfect for active women who suffer from low levels of incontinence. They are easy to change, and the best thing is that they keep the panty dry while protecting your skin from infections. You can use these liners on a long trip to ensure that you stay dry and fresh. It is always advisable to have several changes in your bag.

4. Absorbent pads: For a woman on the go, who suffers from medium and heavy incontinence, there are pads designed to contain adult incontinence. They come with a heavy absorbent material and odorless technology to guarantee that you stay fresh throughout the day. These pads are disposable, and you could carry several changes along with you in your bag.

4. Protective underpads: They are flat pads with a moisture barrier on one side and an absorbent layer on the other.

5. Plastic pants: They fit over the regular pants and work well for mild to moderate leaks.

Advice on Incontinence Products?

With these incontinence products, there is no reason for any woman to suffer in silence. However, these products will only work if you choose the right one. You need to consider the following factors to choose the right incontinence product designed for women:

1. For the incontinence product to work choose the correct size and fit

2. Consider the incontinence levels to find a suitable incontinence product

3. Look for an incontinence product with a breathable panel

4. Make sure you seek medical attention to find out the underlying cause of incontinence

5. Look for features such as an anti-guard leak, wetness monitor, and odorless technology

6. Consider the texture of the material used and also the design of the incontinence protection

7. To find the best product, seek referrals and recommendations from other women

8. Caregivers can also recommend the best products to use

9. Look for incontinence protections from a recognizable brand. One that has a solid reputation.

Using the right incontinence products for women changes your life or the life of the woman under your care. You can do more in your life without any inhibitions. You will live a more enjoyable life and boost your overall wellbeing. If you have someone under your care, these products help you provide better quality care, and you will love the impact this will have on them.