Pink salt lamps have gained popularity in these current years, and they are said to be of importance in purifying the air in interior living spaces. A lot of various products found in the market have claimed to make living spaces healthier; this may be partially true since alarm clocks designed with therapy light may help you improve your mood and make you wake up feeling natural. Himalayan salt lamps can be described as an essential aspect in a home because they are believed to change the quality of air thus their rising popularity in a few years.

Pink salt lamps are made out of pink salt crystals that are found in areas near the Himalayas, also native to Pakistan. The lamps tend to release some negative ions into living spaces, which in turn remove particles of dust that affect the health of people residing in the home. This feature of trapping dust particles has made many people believe that pink salt lamps have the ability to elevate the levels of energy and reduce allergy symptoms. The salt lamps are also helpful in boosting the overall mood of a person and help you in sleeping peacefully. These lamps can be an excellent choice for lighting and decoration purposes at home. It can be used for both aesthetic and functional roles since they emit a pink color that makes the entire space to be ambient and warmly lit.

The lamps come in different designs that can provide various aspects of beauty in a home, for example, lamps designed in the shapes of cats or small-scale versions. This attribute makes pink salt lamp an ideal for lighting at night which causes them trend in the current home decoration spaces. Though the lamps are not a sure bet of keeping a home healthy, they cannot give you a raw deal when it comes to styling your home. The services of pink lamps provide a warm, soothing and relaxant feeling like the glow of a campfire on a cold evening. The lamps can be made to contain solidified salt pieces with a small bulb inside or a decorated basket that filled with large salt crystals. Their nice warm glow makes them beneficial for good air quality indoors. One useful attribute is that these lamps are made from pure, Himalayan salt crystals which come from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains. The pink lamps are obtained by mincing the salt and then carving them.

The traces of minerals found in this salt such as potassium, zinc, and magnesium are a reasonable offer to the pink salt lamps because they give them their hues. The hues range mainly from a lighter pink to orange or dark pink. The benefits of these lamps are their ability to attract water molecules found in the atmosphere. The lamps also attract pollutants and bacteria found in your home which eventually get glued to the salt. The sticking of these bacteria to the solid salt implies too that the lamp needs constant cleaning frequently. Despite their numerous health abilities, salt lamps seem to cost less than these other lamps used for lighting and can last for a good number of years. The following vital things are a proper consideration when choosing quality pink salt lamps:

  • Color: Salt lamps that have darker hues such as orange are a good consideration as the best quality. The lamps should also be able to prove that they contain 100% of Himalayan salt.
  • Size: The size of these pink salt lamps matters too. Big salt lamps give out the best effect because unlike the small ones where you use 2 or 3 in a room, these require one only.
  • Surface: The best salt lamps should have a rough surface since their surface area determines their potential concerning their hygroscopic ability. Rough lamps also have higher chances of making the air quality better, and they also look attractive in their raw state.
  • Bulb: The bulb used for heating should be a heat producing one because for the lamp to give out perfect light, a good recommendation is that the salt and heat work together.

Pink salt lamps are not a sovereign remedy for air filters. They do not have the power to create massive amounts of these negative ions such as those found in nature. The most exciting bit is that the color therapy of these lamps can heal your wariness by making you feel sweet, charming and loved. The source of light from these lamps is eco-friendly because the spectrum of light produced is healthy. They are a great option when choosing lamps for home as they can never go wrong and an excellent natural source of light which extend their sassiness beyond aesthetics. Pink lamps also have this unique feature of balancing electromagnetic radiation produced by appliances at homes such as cell phones, televisions, tablets, and computers — the appliances release into the air ions found to be positive which may result in an overflow of invisible electromagnetic radiation whose effect is long-term. The electromagnetic radiation causes fatigue, weakened the immune system and stress effects. Having pink salt lamps acts as a regulatory aide in canceling those positive ions.

The use of pink lamps can limit frequencies created artificially by static electricity because they make the electromagnetic radiations be neutralized. This helps in guarding against the buildup for static energy. The salt lamp has got very fine hairs which are aligned to the windpipe whose function is like that of microscopic filters used for breathing. The hygroscopic effect of these pink salt lamps of Himalayan origin goes to the extent of removing cigarette smoke hence a good boost for health. The lamps also filter mold, dander from pets, and mildew found indoors. The benefit is a good deal for asthmatic people and others who suffer from respiratory diseases. The salt lamps do aide in acceleration rate of blood flow which improves disorders associated with cardiovascular systems and damage of lungs. I have to admit that of all the interior lamps that I have encountered, I have not been able to come across something that is so serene and beautiful like these pink salt lamps. They are just the best because each lamp comes in a unique package of varied color and shape.

Pink salt lamps deserve credit at all costs due to the authenticity of the mineral content found in each lamp thus the emission of its color. They go beyond attractive lighting pieces found in a room. These lamps may be used in space to achieve balance instead of being used for lighting too, and for this reason, can be used as a welcoming tip to a home. The scientific marvel of these salt lamps has stood the test of time, and we must owe our gratitude to the great minds that came up with the idea of using them for lighting. One precaution measure is to make sure that you keep track of the negative ions released by your salt lamp. This is possible by taking it to the lab for testing the reason being, many types of variables can be traced in the salt, the wall thickness, and the light bulb.

The many benefits found in these salt lamps are enough proof that people should start purchasing them. The claims are already up in the market give it a direct entity to the top slot of energy saving and natural lights. Day in day out, we are always surrounded by electronics from the time we rise to the time we go to sleep again: the fatigue that we gain during the day and the number of positive ions in a threat to our health which is found to be true. A few thousands of dollars can help us lower the amount of stress, and by this, I mean the pink salt lamps. They do not cost much and are an excellent complement to our sleep after a hectic day. Their pretty look soothes the eye, and as sciences back it up, that beauty has the charm to move you to be a cheerful person.

In conclusion, I must admit this has been an exclusive experience. Getting to pink salt lamps have been the best way to enlighten me this week. Their outstanding benefits are just amazing because they are effective health wise and for the wellbeing our bodies. These ethically made salt lamps have given me an urge to place my order immediately on Amazon because I can’t afford to be left out. I need the chisel solid block that resembles the ancient salt crystal which is a version of soft pink. My people, let’s go natural, we can never go wrong with natural salt lamps. It is time that we go natural, for the sake of our health, appreciating nature, and trying out something new. We need to paint our house with the different hues of the pink salt lamp, a big thanks to this article!