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Gone are the days when kids play with their robot toys, hero action figures, and Barbie dolls. Now, if they are not playing games on consoles like the PlayStation, they are spending their time tinkering with phones and tablets (either yours or theirs – if you spoil them), perhaps browsing social media sites like TikTok.

According to a study featured in the New York Times, children as young as eight years old are using social networking platforms more than ever. Specifically, the survey found that overall screen use among teenagers and tweens (around nine to 12 years old) grew by 17 percent from 2019 to 2021, bigger than statistics four years prior.

This is alarming. Social media is like a TV drama nowadays. What you see inside just intensifies day by day. Content creators are getting more creative as time passes. While some social media platforms have parental control features, parents still cannot all the while monitor what their children see online. But, with the help of technologies like Salfeld Child Control, you can bridge this gap. You can control your child’s Internet use without totally banning them from it. Here’s a review of this tool.

Introducing Salfeld, Its Maker

This review will help parents who have come across Salfeld Child Control but are still determining whether they should have this or not.

Well, to begin with, Salfeld is a company that defines itself as a pioneer in the arena of parental control software available in German-speaking nations. It started in 1998, and since then, it has been crafting one very robust software that helps parents control their kids’ media consumption. This software is the award-winning Child Control.

Salfeld Child Control

Child Control empowers parents to control their children’s screen time, thereby promote Internet safety not only on PCs but also on Android devices.

This software lets parents set time limits – daily, weekly, or monthly – concerning overall device usage or customize them according to particular apps and websites. They can schedule time limits for specific periods, disallowing kids to access these devices during school or bedtime.

This tool also has an integrated web filter leveraging a database of millions of sites categorized into gaming, social media, adult content, and the like. With just one click, moms and dads can allow or restrict anything that falls under any of these categories.

Furthermore, Salfeld Child Control also provides real-time visibility via usage reports and email notifications. This way, parents can be in total control of what their children are seeing online without literally watching them with their phones by their side.

This tool is a great help for parents who do not always have the luxury of time to watch their kids with their phones since these parents may be occupied with other things too.

A Closer Look

Here are some noteworthy features of Salfeld Child Control.

Multiple Time Limits: Tell Your Kids To Stop When They Need To Stop

Child Control can determine how long your kids can use the computer or smartphone per day. Once the time limit configured is reached, the device automatically shuts down and displays a block screen.

Parents may also configure Child Control according to particular PC programs or apps so that even if the time limit has been reached, these apps and programs that you have allowed can still continue.

While this feature may appear somewhat hostile, as kids may argue with you if they see the device they are using automatically shutting down, Child Control allows you to set multiple warnings. This way, your child can “self-regulate” their device usage and finally better accept the blocking.

Safer Surfing: Keep Your Kids Away From Unwanted Sites

The Internet today is so vast there isn’t a way for parents to block websites they don’t want their children to see without a tool like Salfeld Child Control. Just how many websites are around today, right?

When you want to set your kids away from “bad” sites, use this tool. It makes it possible for you to set filters that filter out these sites by category or by age.

Moreover, with this feature, parents can also restrict certain websites for just a certain period.

This is useful when you don’t want your kids playing online games when it’s time to do homework.

Access From Anywhere!

Another great thing about Child Control is that you can access it anywhere. Simply use the web portal to manage all the settings this tool has in its system.

This is very beneficial in circumstances when the parent is at work or doing groceries but wants to impose the controls that Salfeld’s product has at that precise moment.

Be In Total Control

Alright. So you want to see how efficiently Child Control works.

Parents cannot always sit by their kids’ side and watch with their eagle eyes what they are doing online. It’s very unlikely to happen, even you have a personal assistant to do all the chores for you.

Luckily, Child Control has a reports section that allows parents to always see everything happening on the devices their kids are using.

You can also toggle on the email report feature so you can receive the reports daily or weekly via your email.

The Importance Of Monitoring Your Child’s Internet Use

Monitoring your child’s Internet usage is paramount, especially today when almost everybody is in the digital world. This ensures their safety, well-being, and healthy development.

The Internet can be good, such as being a source of information and entertainment, but it also poses evil dangers, such as exposure to inappropriate content, online predators, and cyberbullying.

By monitoring your kids’ online activities, parents can safeguard them from harm.


Yes, Salfeld Child Control is one parental control among many existing today, but this tool, in particular, is straightforward and quite powerful. Child Control interface is also pleasant and easy to navigate. Furthermore, you will love that it is very affordable.