Whatever the reason for gifting someone something, handmade jewelry is never a bad decision. It is truly a wonderful feeling, unwrapping something sparkly and unusual. Moreover, handmade presents, especially jewelry, has been the center for all observing eyes lately. The makers, artisans, and designers infuse creativity into their work with great precision and personal attention, which is evident in every masterpiece. But selecting just the right piece can be a daunting experience.

So here are four things you need to consider before you buy handmade jewelry.

  • Style: What kind of outfit does he/ she wear? Is it a simple shirt or a dress with a small pendant and minimal or no earrings? Or maybe this person likes to dress up funky with lots of big and chunky necklaces and pendants, complete with plus-sized earrings and nose studs. And sometimes, people like to keep it formal with just an elegant bracelet. What her closet looks like must define your jewelry hunt, and while all gifts are equally precious simply because it is a gift, it is definitely wiser to buy something that goes with his/ her preference.

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  • Material: This is a very important thing you absolutely have to look into. What kind of material is the craftsman using, and is it sustainable? It is not gold, and nobody expects it to last for an eternity. But it sometimes happens that you buy a piece, but it fades rather quickly. Sometimes it may even break with the slightest pressure. Having some knowledge about gemstones and the metal used in handmade jewelry can be extremely helpful.

Also, some people are allergic to certain metals. Make sure that the jewelry you are buying for your friend won’t hurt his/ her skin in any way.

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  • Trend: It is true that handmade jewelry is all about classic elegance and personal style. But that does not mean that it is not evolving. Designers and craftsmen are always bringing in new designs or revamping old ones. Sometimes it is feathered earrings, sometimes chunky bracelets. Sometimes gold tinted metals are all the rage while at other times people are wearing jewelry of pastel shades. Capitalizing and leveraging fashion trends are their business, and it is your business to know the fashion trend your friend is into when you buy the piece of jewelry.
  • Budget: When you are buying gifts for someone you love, it can get very easy to go overboard with the cost. But keep in mind your budget and only spend as much as you need to spend. But the amount spent does not define your love for your friend, you buying a special gift does.

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Of all the things you need to take into consideration while buying jewelry (melorra jewelry) for your loved one, the most important thing to consider is, of course, whether you yourself like it or not. It is your honest emotion that really counts the end of the day. Buy the piece which you know in your heart is the right one.