People with more years of less than a sudden change in temperature are most at a disadvantage. These are the two squares which, in summer, have fought with extreme heat. Elderly people have a lot of difficulty in adjusting to such a high temperature, so they have to face serious problems such as fever, lack of water in the body, and so on. Therefore, some rescue tips have to be followed to avoid excessive heat.

Problems in skin related problems usually occur during periods of moods, sunburn, allergies, tanning etc. This is the common disease of the swelling gland ducts. In this, the sweat produced by the gland becomes vaporized when it comes to the upper surface of the skin. This is a common procedure.

Occasionally excess heat causes sweating to become more and due to obstruction of the sweat tube due to some reason sweating does not come to the upper surface of the skin and it spreads to the lower surface of the skin. This leads to redness in the skin and small red rash is formed in it, which has enough itching and burning sensation. It can happen at any age. The main reason for this is heat and extreme heat. These rashes grow when you go into the sunlight.

Types based on obstruction in the inflammatory tubes 


It is usually due to excessive heat and occurs due to blockage of skin depth. There are more burning and itching in the donation.


Sunburn is a common problem in the summer season. When exposed to sunburn, skin becomes redness, swelling and sometimes blisters.

How to protect skin from sunlight in the summer

  • While wearing sunglasses in the sun, put eyeglasses on the eyes, causing no damage to the eyes and skin beneath them. You will also be able to avoid the inconvenience seen due to the sharp rays.
  • Cover the head with a scarf in the sun. This will not affect the sun’s harmful rays on the hair. It is better to take the umbrella, it will keep your skin, hair, and everything from the sun’s direct rays. Sun rays are harmful to hair.
  • Always have sunscreen lotion when coming out of the house. Besides the face and neck, place it in the hands too.
  • Clean the hands and nails properly with the brush while bathing and before sleeping. Do not allow dirt or dust in your hands, then immediately wash hands with soap.
  •  Wear comfortable sneakers in the summer. Due to sweat from tight shoe-slippers, fear of ‘corn’ remains. Before wearing shoes, definitely do not have oil on your feet, especially fingers.
  • Drink more and more water to keep facial care and skin glow in the summer. And to keep the skin hydrated, add fresh vegetables and fruits like cucumber, bitter gourd, spinach, watermelon etc. daily in your diet.

Skin Care In Summer For Oily Skin

  • In the summer, taking special care of the skin, the oily skin is more healthy than any other type of skin.
  • There is always moisture in it, and the sun’s rays cannot affect it too much. Put less makeup on oily skin in summer. Due to the skin being oily, makeup will appear melt and crisp.
  • The problem of acne also increases if the person with oily skin gets stomach worse. Fibrous foods are fine to keep the stomach clean.

Skin protection by SPF (sun protection factor) moisturizer

  • In summer your skin is insecure most of the time. So it is necessary to keep it safe in this season.
  • UV rays falling on your face are quite harmful because they have the possibility of aging, sunburn, and skin cancer prematurely.
  • Use a moisturizer that has a large amount of SPF. Do not forget to apply sunscreen before going to sunlight.

What to do in the summer? 

Drink intake

  • Any kind of drink that does not have alcohol or caffeine in the summer is good for health. During this season, your body loses enough water in the form of sweat, which needs to be filled with drinking water.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day to keep the body lacking water in the summer.
  • What to eat in the summer, there are many fruits, which also result in the lack of water in the body, such as lemon, orange, apple, pineapple etc. If you want to drink something different then take a juicer and enjoy a variety of fruit juices in the summer.

Sodium and potassium

  • The two nutrients that your body requires in summer, are sodium and potassium. You can absorb the quantity of sodium in the form of salt used every day.
  • Spinach is a food that contains a lot of can consume it to get relief from the summer.
  • Roasted potatoes are also very useful in keeping the body healthy during this season. If there is a deficiency of potassium in your diet then include foods like a roasted potato in it.

Summer Hair Care

  • The condition of hair in the summer is very bad and it should be taken care of very well. Due to pollution, a lot of dirt and impurities are accumulated in our hair.
  • You can shampoo this shit daily by shampooing. Make sure to apply conditioners after shampooing.
  • You can buy such spray from the market.Which contain the amount of SPF. Before leaving the room in the summer, you can put these spray in the hair and leave it.

Summer healthcare -Exfoliating 

  • Many times our skin becomes dry due to excessive heat. Its effect looks on our entire body. So, the regular expression is a good solution.
  • You can make a good scrub by adding sugar and olive oil at home. Put it on your face, hands, and feet and avoid sun rays.
  • You can also explore the hidden parts inside the clothes. But keep special care while scrubbing because these sections are quite delicate.
  • Scrubbing more rigorously, there can be races in those places too. It will also help in preventing hair from growing.