In the world of today, more than 1 billion people are active on the popular photo-sharing app – Instagram. And, as per an estimate, 90 percent of the users follow at least one of the businesses on Instagram. Thus, this indicates that using Instagram for branding comes up with no barrier in the year 2021. Also, this marks the need for a good following on Instagram which is why many businesses opt to buy Instagram followers.

A decade ago, the app that was introduced for photo-sharing has now turned into a hub of business activity. At present, businesses opt for fundraising campaigns, open brands from their profile, help people book reservations, and much more. In addition, updates in the application tools are now pretty much a routine these days, catering to every business accordingly.

However, it’s a challenge for quite a few people to stand above and reach millions of users. Though you can always buy followers to improve your reach, there are plenty of other ways to go about branding on Instagram. For this reason, we are here to help you to figure it out!

Read on the step-by-step guide for Instagram branding and how you can achieve followers easily.

Step 1: Is Your Account Business Or Personal?

If you own a brand, chances are that you have already switched to a business profile. In case you don’t have one, ask yourself the questions listed below:

  • Do you want to get hold of a wider audience with sponsored advertising?
  • Are you up for learning more about your business performance?
  • Do you want to manage several Instagram accounts with third-party apps?
  • Can you schedule your post via a third-party app?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to two or more questions, then the Instagram business is for you!

Step 2: Organize Your Business Account

If you want to create a stellar profile on the photo-sharing app, you are required to set it up perfectly. Follow our checklist, and build a credible presence:

  • In the beginning, you are required to switch your profile to a business account. For this, follow the steps as directed by the app.
  • Upload a logo, brand image, or a picture that represents your brand. It goes a long way. A display picture helps people to recognize you on the gram. In addition, the ideal dimension is up on the app make sure you follow it.
  • A website link in your bio helps in improving website traffic. It directs people towards a landing page, helping you to enhance brand visibility. Additionally, unlike other social media applications, Instagram doesn’t allow the inclusion of a hyperlink in captions. Therefore, this is the perfect way for now!
  • You can incorporate a contact button on your page. It helps customers to contact you directly. When you include a contact button, it appears on your profile. Keep in mind to add one of the contact options.
  • Opt for verifying your account. It authenticates, helping people to trust your business.

Step 3: Create a Strategy

It’s 2021, and things have taken an unexceptional turn here. Finding and creating an effective strategy is ought to be your priority. In addition, your strategy for the gram determines your success story. Make sure you opt for the right content at the right time.

Next, measure up your social media marketing efforts. In a nutshell, ask yourself questions listed as follows:

  • Are your existing potential users active on Instagram?
  • What do you wish to achieve through this platform?
  • What visual style suits your business?
  • When and what type of content should be posted on your gram?
  • How can you keep an eye on your brand’s performance?

Step 4: Optimize Your Strategy Now

Instagram is all about visual appeal. It’s the first thing that hooks on you when you visit their account. Moreover, your competitors are already here with a strong presence. In addition, a large part of your success relies on how you stand above them while uploading striking content.

For this reason, you are suggested to craft your post. Tailor them accordingly since captions boost up engagement and cater to your brand’s requirements.

The content strategy can be optimized if you benefit from filters, post incredible captions, ask the user to mention your profile, add geo-tags, and include hashtags. You can also opt for cross-posting and repost content on your profile. In turn, it enhances your brand’s engagement, benefitting your brand in the longer run.

Step 5: Upload Stories on the Gram

According to an estimate, around 150 million individuals opt for a conversation on Instagram direct. However, the third of it begins when they view your story. In addition, 70 percent of users prefer to watch it without any sound. Therefore, you are suggested to convey the message accordingly.

Few options are available, including GIFs, pictures, videos, stickers, links and the list goes on.

Step 6: Manage the Potential Engagement on the Gram

Most of the time, the engagement rate on the gram recognizes the rate of success. Meanwhile, when you are aware of how to optimize your content, it’s time to focus on managing it.

For this, you can opt for sending and responding directly to messages present in the inbox. Additionally, you can categorize your inbox too. Further, you can use the quick reply feature. Set up the notification feature. Turn it on so you can be notified timely.

Step 7: Opt for Marketing with Advertising

According to the app, users find out products and services through ads presented on the gram. For this reason, consider marketing through ads and reach out to your potential audience. With the Instagram business profile, you can create ads when you click the promotion button on the profile.

For example, a brand such as Cetaphil saw a 6.4 percent increase with the help of Instagram advertising.

And that’s a wrap for now! We hope that the step-by-step guide will help you in successful Instagram branding.