Women usually make use of various schemes to look attractive and elegant. Makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and clothes are a just a few of their tools. Each one of them matters and greatly affects how other people appreciate their looks. However, some fail to work, regardless of make or age.

These items are what every woman must have in their respective wardrobes to look alluring and attractive. Though we cannot deny the fact that women tend to buy lots of clothes to have many options. But sadly they only end up hoarding more clothes, neglecting some things that might be quintessential.

To help you out, listed below are ten clothing items that should be in your wardrobe. By incorporating your closet with these essential items, you avoid flooding your wardrobe with useless clothes.

Black Blazer

Blazers are undoubtedly a good fashion statement and not just for work. Whether you have a date during the day or you are at work, a blazer will certainly make your look complete. However, the only drawback is getting the right one.

A smart, fitted, and well-cut blazer is simple, elegant, feminine, and certainly looks magnificent on all types of body. Opt for a black one because it is versatile. Black blazers are the best and ideal go-to suit jacket for sprucing up your ensemble.

You can easily pair it with almost anything, like trousers, jeans, skirts, or dresses. Just ensure that you find one that suits you fittingly and emphasizes your waist. Of course, no one wants to look like it is devouring you.

Furthermore, owning a high-quality blazer manifest maturity, class, and sophistication. So find a black blazer that will make you feel incredible, smart, and great. Make sure to buy for one that will last for years in your closet.

White Shirt

Yes, you read it right.  A white shirt is quintessential for every woman’s wardrobe. You can wear it anytime of the day, with skirts, sweaters, and jeans. Name it all! However, searching for the foolproof white shirt can be a bit complicated.  When it comes to a white plain shirt, men aren’t the only ones who get to flaunt such a simple yet clean piece.

Thus, make sure to find for white shirts in soft materials and with the right fit, not too loose or too tight. Furthermore, you can even wear this clothing piece under a blazer at work when you do not feel like putting on fancy dresses but want to look at least nice.

Scarves and Shawls

Scarves and Shawls
Scarves and Shawls

Even if you are just wearing a simple shirt and jeans, add some accessories to your looks such as scarves and shawls. They are smart pieces that can complete your look in no time. Plus they are very stylish and versatile.

By incorporating a scarf in your look, you can rest assured that your look will never be out of style. With lots of designs available in the market, the styling options are endless. You can just wear it around your neck, around your waist, or even tying it around the shaft of your purse. But whatever you prefer, you can easily get a simple but fashionable look.

Denim Jacket

Similar to your cherished pair of denim, a denim jacket also works well with almost everything, with the color, pattern, and material. Denim jackets are the perfect layering piece for breezy fall days, cold summer nights, or when you need a great layer in winter.

Furthermore, you can also wear a denim jacket over your go-to clothes, particularly a very fancy outfit. With denim jackets, you can keep yourself dry and warm for any occasion and weather.

Comfy Ballet Flats

Skimmer flats or popularly known as ballet flats are certainly a no-brainer quick fix to feeling elegant and composed while on a busy day. Ballet flats are somewhat casual and feminine, meaning you can easily wear them with shift dresses, pleated skirts, or cutoffs.

So make sure that you have at least one pair with you because you can certainly seize the world and become successful if your feet do not experience any pain. Go for nude or black ballet flats because they are obviously the most flexible options available in the market.

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress
Little Black Dress

For sure, every woman wants to have a little black dress of their own. However, it is very important that you go for a black dress that is somewhat special. As such,  search for black dresses with interesting details. For example, dresses with an embellished belt.

But most importantly, make sure that you find the right fit. A well-fitted black dress will certainly turn your entire ensemble from your work to a date night out. Just ensure that you accentuate it with the right accessories.  

Pair it with a fancy stiletto and a statement necklace for a bold and brazen date night. Furthermore, keep it plain and simple with a style that sits right above your knees to get the best out of it. But ensure that it is not too short and does not reveal your cleavage.

Trench Coat

Consider investing for a good quality trench coat. You will probably wear it for years and years to come, despite the possibility of the change in size. For a little help, think about buying a classic A-line style that will fit you at the waist. You can certainly layer it over everything from jeans to suits.

For a sexy date night look, there is nothing more chic, demure, and gorgeous than wearing a trench coat with pumps, a ponytail or a bun, and of course red lipstick. This look is not only ideal for dates, but it is also perfect for work or even grocery shopping.

Statement Necklace

Indeed, jewelry is quintessential to every woman’s closet. For some women, a look feels lacking without adding any pieces of jewelry like a statement necklace. Though statement necklaces appear to be in and out of trend, still it is a great idea to have one in your wardrobe.

By incorporating some statement necklaces in your outfit, you can completely change the look of any understated clothing pieces. Plus, regardless of your weight or size, it always fits and suits you.

Tote Bag

More often than not, you will need something big and professional-seeming bag, a tote bag. It is perfect for job interviews, internships, or even dates. This roomy and spacious tote bag, made from high-quality materials, can fit everything you need. From clothes, books, to laptops. Choose a tote in a neutral tone such as black because it will most likely last for years.

Well-fitted Bra

Having well-fitted bras in your wardrobe can completely turn your whole wardrobe fit and look better. A bra that fits you accordingly will certainly make you feel and look comfortable. Choose a style that will best suit your skin tone and will work best with any shirt color.

Furthermore, an excellent fitting bra will make you look and feel your best. If you choose ill-fitting bras, you can never have a complete and polished look.


Instead of buying more clothes, invest in basic, classic, and timeless pieces to create a stunning and awesome wardrobe. Keep your wardrobe filled with all the quintessential items by incorporating the list above. From black blazers to well-fitted bras, you will certainly create a versatile and well-balanced closet.

These clothing pieces will help you get through any occasions, events, and many more. Haven’t had the time to go to malls and shop? Then you can easily shop for these pieces in any online store like Seed Heritage.