Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to wear costume jewelry. But there are other times in a woman’s life when wearing pearls is even more acceptable. You shouldn’t however, just look at any old pearls rather a set of real ones.

The wonderful thing about a real pearl set is that they provide you with endless opportunities. When worn they will add a real touch of class and elegance to any outfit you put on.

But this isn’t the only reason why you should look at wearing real pearl sets rather than ones made using cultured pearls.

As you will soon we can offer a number of amazing reasons to invest in a real pearl jewelry set.

Can Last A Lifetime

Pearls like emeralds, ruby, and sapphires are considered to be fine jewelry. This leads them to having a very high intrinsic value.

As well as being the epitome of femininity a set of real pearls will last for years to come. Today as in the past these jewels are considered to be a symbol of wealth, strength and power.

Real pearl sets will last for years to come because they are so durable because of the thickness of the jewels nacre. Also, such come with a very high-quality surface.

Yes, these factors help to ensure that such will last for generations to come. However, it is just important to make sure that you also take care of any real pearl sets you buy. Without proper care, your pearls will eventually begin to become dull and uninviting. You may even find that they lose their pearlescent and in turn start to turn a yellow color.

Never Go Out Of Fashion

When it comes to pearls, there are plenty of different ways in which they can be worn. This is because of the wide range of different real pearl set designs now available. Even a simple strand of pearls can add a touch of elegance to the outfit that you have on.

The same could actually be said for a beautiful pair of pearl earrings. Most women, of course, tend to favor stud earrings. Yet wearing a pair of teardrop or chandelier earrings for your real pearl set can enhance not only what you are wearing, but how you look. These are kinds of pieces that women tend to wear when they want to make a statement or want to be able to stand out in a crowd.

Real Pearl Set Jewelry Collection
Real Pearl Set Jewelry Collection

Pearl Colours

Although often described as being white, when light shines on them they seem to change color. This is because of the edges of the plates of aragonite crystal that make up pearls overlap. As a result, the surface becomes iridescent and changes the color of them as light refracts off them.

Each real pearl has a body color as well as overtones of overs that we often see in a rainbow. It is these overtones that cause the pearls to seem shine and cause such a beautiful effect against your skin.

No Longer Demure

Years ago pearls were considered something that only older women should wear. Yet they have now become a favorite with women of all ages. In turn, this has resulted in some really unique pieces of jewelry being designed that incorporate pearls in them.

It was really back in the 1980’s when Princess Diana chose to wear pearls that they started to become fashionable again. These days women like Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, and Michelle Obama have kept these amazing gems in the limelight.

The various designs now available help to give the pearls a much fresher younger look. They also help to ensure that they look amazing not just with more formal outfits, but casual ones as well.

They Love To Be Worn

The reason why pearls love to be worn is because they love moisture. Unlike some other gemstones, these ones are soft and organic. So they love to be close to something like your skin with is soft and warm.

Remember a pearl gets formed within the oyster and this is soft and moist. You will find the more you wear your real pearl set, the more it thrives. If you keep them hidden away, they start to deteriorate. Without having any access to moisture over time, a pearl will develop very minuscule cracks. In turn, this will affect the quality of the surface of the pearl.

If a pearl doesn’t have access to moisture for any length of time, then it will begin to lose its luster. This will then have a huge impact on just how wonderful a pearl looks.

If you intend to wear your real pearls often, you need to remember to take care of them properly. Although they love to be close to your skin, dirt, oils, and acids that come from our skin can prove detrimental to their look.

Any acid on your skin that comes in contact with the pearl’s nacre will eat away at it. Over time this will cause the surface of the pearl to decay. So you need to make sure that after wearing yours that you clean them properly. Just spending a few minutes after wearing yours will help to remove any acid, dirt or oils that will eventually cause your real pearl set to lose its luster. It will also prevent your real pearl sets from turning yellow.

So as you can see yes a set of real pearls will make you look glamorous and elegant. But there is so much to consider when it comes to wearing this kind of jewelry. Don’t be afraid to wear them with a pair of jeans and a nice white blouse. Of course not forgetting they look amazing when you do wear them with a beautiful little black dress.

Once you get your real pearl set, you will see just how versatile this jewelry is. Plus there are plenty of images of celebrities wearing pearls to help you come up with some really amazing ways in which to wear such beautiful jewelry now and in the future.