To explore this historic and captivating city, you’ll have to deal with dozens of tour groups and many people who – like you – are there for the first time and do not really know where they want to go. It is difficult to admire the mosaics of the Cathedral of San Marco when ten people behind you are fishing for the same view, and three want to take a picture. You need a guide! Don’t worry because we’re here to give you eight tips to save money and time when visiting Venice:

Venice is cool and less crowded in winter

Cheap hotels will not be as crowded – you may actually find a room. There may be exhibitions or attractions closed to be redesigned at this time of year, so make sure your bookmarks are open before booking. If you are willing to travel in low season, you will collect more value in the famous Venice.

Book hotel rooms to avoid disappointment

In the tourist season, this could mean paying a much more expensive room than budgeted or the possibility of camping at the train station. Even economy travelers who love spontaneity should do a search and book a hotel in Venice before ten so it’s more likely you’ll get reasonable prices at all. It will be the best way for you to get your favorite and your choice places for residence and for the sake of living. Places stay cheaper and will also save money through the best offers to you.

The Venice City passes are a must

Although Venice is known for its waterways, you will spend a lot of time walking on dry land. It is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities on the planet. The Vaporetto here is used by tourists and businessmen in the same way that a subway works in other cities. You can also buy passes that are good for multiple races. This is a good idea for this reason: a single ticket on a Vaporetto costs € 7 ($ 8, 25 USD). Although good for 60 minutes, you can do much better on the price. Consider a 24-hour travel card, called the 24-hour ticket in Italian, at € 20 ($ 24 USD). There are also 48-hour cards for € 30 ($ 35 USD), 72-hour cards for € 40 ($ 47 USD) and a seven-day pass for € 60 ($ 71 USD).

The passes are not all about traveling by Vaporetto. You need them to visit historic destinations at reasonable prices. It’s suggested for you to understand the comparison of Venice Card vs Venice Museum Pass vs Chorus Pass.

Take a self-guided tour with Vaporetto

At some point in your visit to Venice; it is likely that you will get tired of walking. Use your Vaporetto steps, draw a front or back seat and simply drive for a while. It is a great way to observe and admire the ornate beauty of architectural Venice. Some do it with guides in hand, while others simply enjoy the views without much-prepared information.

Beware of veiled sales pitches

Do not allow yourself to be embarrassed about buying something you can’t afford or do not want. It is actually quite common for people to do the tour, thank the hosts and politely go out of the showroom without buying.

Tips for the Gondola Ride: Save money

If you have to take a gondola ride, please make sure you … make more negotiate the exact costs before starting. If a quoted price annoys you, go away. There are a lot of gondoliers who are not out to dig visitors.

Eat main meals outside the tourist areas

This outdoor café in Piazza San Marco is a pleasant place to sip a cold drink and watch the humanity that passes your table People have been doing it for centuries. But you should think twice before having a complete meal in these privileged tourist areas, especially in Venice.

Start or end a cruise here

Venice is a famous cruise stop, and many of the routes start or end here. It’s a great place to combine a tour in Italy with a cruise on the Adriatic in Croatia, Greece or Turkey. You can get there from the train station to the cruise terminals on foot, but it’s a fairly long walk, and sometimes less than a pedestrian walk.

Hope this guide can be helpful for you but if you want more info, knowing top rated tours in Venice with Tripindicator can help. Enjoy your Venice holiday!

You will cross the Piazzale Roma, which is covered with bus stops, parking lots and general confusion for the visitor for the first time. If your cruise ship begins its itinerary here, you will benefit from a floating hotel room and meals on board the ship. It is a great way to avoid the high prices of Venice and yet still live this beautiful city.