When it comes to comprehensive home improving services, you want to find an accomplished company, managed by professionals and delivering a customer support service and not just a presales force majeure.

This is where MLL Industries in Idaho Falls stands out from the rest, and not just from the rest in Idaho Falls, but from all the various home improvement specialist services.

MLL Industries has been active for over a decade and is managed by a team of highly professional engineers and managers that combine their strengths and skill sets to deliver comprehensive, passionate and value for money service.

General Contractors

One of the key factors that determine why MLL is a leading general contractor in Idaho Falls and why they are so successful in delivering project after project, on time, in the budget and with return customer satisfaction is due to the following reasons:

  • They employ only proven skilled professionals, artisans, engineers and project managers.
  • They maintain an advanced supply chain and logistics network
  • They are extremely knowledgeable in all local laws and have an exceptional local presence
  • They have a verified track record of meeting all customer requirements, on time and in the money.

Unlike many contractors, you don’t get that “Oh, I forgot to add them…” and end up paying 33% more than expected. You also don’t get that “Oh, we’ll be late, there are some other issues to deal with.” Once a contract commences, it is met, daily, with enthusiasm, and finished on time, and within the budget defined.

Comprehensive Services and Quality

It’s not enough that you need plumbing, woodwork, electrical services, roofing, insulation and perhaps some swimming pool refurbishment. What you need is all of these, but with quality. You don’t want a “duct tape” contractor that sorts things out haphazard, costing you more money and then ending up with more damage than good.

MLL Industries manages and coordinates all projects stepwise and logically:

  1. The design is coordinated, and drawings are prepared for every instance,
  2. All changes are made to meet local building codes
  3. All materials meet the required building standards.
  4. Project managers maintain control and coordinate all working teams on every site. They also control and manage all sub-contractors.
  5. All project managers are well versed in municipal and state law requirements and have good standing with all local and state offices.

Turn Key Projects

All our projects are turn-key projects; this means that once we start, we finish the whole job and present you with the “key” to open the door of a perfect job, well done.

All and any issues that arise after the project is completed will be dealt with by the MLL team, and there is no “after project” disappearance. MLL knows that once they complete a job, the customer’s words will decide the companies fate, and therefore all jobs are never really completed. MLL supports the customer at every instance, providing continued services when needed.

Trusted Partners

The bottom line is that MLL industries is a trusted partner when it comes to home improvement services, and will always be ready and available for every client’s request, recurring clients are the main base of MLL Industries, and this is testament and proof of how exceptional a service this company provides.