No matter where you live, the law is intentionally designed to keep all of its citizens safe. Laws ensure that should something happen to you; there is a legal course of action that guarantees you protection and justice. But sometimes, there are instances where the law cannot predict a specific circumstance. In these instances, many laws have been put in place after times of legal dispute.

This has led to some very niche areas of law as specific situations arise that require more detailed legal accountability. Below are just some of many areas of law that you may not be aware exist:

  • Maritime Law on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships carry a large number of people for an extended period of time. This can be challenging for legal considerations because so much of the law is dependent on where you are when anything occurs. Therefore, maritime law has to be sure to cover the legalities and semantics of occurrences on cruise ships, and it does just that.

One example of many would be the legal ramifications of physical assault out at sea, and the approach taken in making sure that justice is served. If you are seeking out legal representation after an assault on a cruise ship, these cruise ship physical assault attorneys are able to assist you in pursuing further action.

  • Equine Law

If you are familiar with Latin, you might already have surmised that equine law is related to the legal representation of horses—specifically racehorses and their various needs. Lots of money goes into the culture of horse racing, and where money abounds, the legal representation must as well.

Horse racing is an industry entirely its own, hence the need for its own legal department. Practitioners of equine law must be well-versed on the industry itself and the many intricacies of horses in the context of horse racing.

Knowledge is power, and the knowledge of the many obstacles that one can face in the industry of horse racing helps prime lawyers of equine law to make the wisest decisions for themselves and their clients. Racing horses have their own special needs, and those needs must be accounted for in a court of law for the sake of the industry.

  • Space Law

As the capabilities of the human race expand, the need for legal protection in unusual places does, too. Therefore, even space has its own legal field, now. What happens in space needs to be accounted for, and, similar to maritime law, when no one governing body “owns” the location in which legal happenings occur, an understanding still has to be put in place so as to protect those who deserve justice.

Lawyers have had to determine the meaning of the term “outer space” without a unanimous decision from international powers (which is usually 100 km, or the shortest distance that objects can revolve around the Earth). This is exemplary of how the subjectivity of space and its various uses is contingent upon the relationship between each individual and nation, making this area of law particularly tricky, albeit useful.

Final Thoughts

The law is obligated to ensure safety and security for its people and their assets, and as society itself gets more complex, so does the law that serves it. That can then answer as to why there are seemingly bizarre and unusual specializations within law such as these, but even these legal areas are necessary for the situations that call for them.

It is reassuring, in a way, to know that regardless of your situation, you could qualify for compensation should you be unlawfully harmed in any way, physically or financially. The purpose of the law is to work for the people who exist under it, and that is a fact worth knowing in case you, too, find yourself wanting legal representation under potentially “unusual” circumstances. Everyone is deserving of legal representation, regardless of your whereabouts at the time.