Living or working in an unsafe or unfamiliar area can be a difficult and dangerous experience for anyone who is not confident in their ability to defend themselves. There are many ways to improve your confidence and increase your defenses to prevent any danger that may come one’s way. Martial arts classes provide one with the knowledge and the skill you may need to hone your body, but also may require large amounts of money and time in order to be worth it. Self-defense weapons, such as a stun gun, however, provide a safe, convenient option for anyone looking to protect themselves in a dangerous environment. The stun gun is a small, versatile tool which, delivers a nonlethal shock to anyone unlucky enough to be on its receiving end. The shock is a strong deterrent, not causing any permanent damage, but still enough to incapacitate an attacker.


A stun gun can be big and bulky, or light and compact depending on the model you choose, from suppliers ranging from TheHomeSecuritySuperstore to Sabre. The biggest stun guns can be several pounds and the size of a large handgun, while the smallest can be as small as a keychain flashlight. The larger stun guns will generally have a higher voltage and can be used multiple times on a single charge. Smaller guns, however, won’t disappoint you in terms of power or ease of use. In most cases, one charge from any stun gun is enough to deter any attacker from continuing their attack. Even at their biggest, a stun gun will fit comfortably in a backpack or purse, while the smaller models can even be stored in a pocket or on a keychain. This level of convenience is almost unmatched in the self-defense industry, rivaled only by pepper spray, which can be around the same size but is noticeably less effective.

Ease of Use

Using a stun gun is very simple and poses little risk to the user when used. The electric shock is delivered through two to three prongs at the end of the gun, which typically looks like either a handgun or an electric razor. Using the stun gun is as simple as pressing the prongs against the exposed skin of the attacker and pressing the button or trigger to discharge the electricity. The trick to maximizing the effectiveness of the stun gun is keeping it somewhere easily accessed in a crisis. When danger rears its ugly head, you can then easily grab your stun gun and protect yourself.


Arguably most important of all, while many self-defense weapons may be lethal if used improperly, there is very little chance of death for both the victim and the attacker in the case of stun guns. The shock delivered is nowhere near lethal levels, even if administered multiple times in a row. The only real risk when stuns guns are involved is if the person being shocked has had an operation to insert a pacemaker in their chest. If they have, the electrical shock might short out the pacemaker and result in a fatal heart attack. In every other situation, however, stun guns are far from lethal. The shock they deliver creates temporary paralysis and loss of higher motor function without causing any permanent damage. This allows you to escape any dangerous situations you may be in as well as call the necessary authorities to handle the situation. This time can be invaluable in saving your own life and the lives of anyone else involved in the situation.


The stun gun was one of the most cost-effective self-defense tools on the market. While traditional firearms and other self-defense weapons can cost up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars, most consumer stun guns only cost about thirty to a hundred dollars. This cost is affordable and cheap, and the product you get can compete with many other self-defense weapons and tools that cost significantly more. A stun gun is a simple tool that doesn’t require a lot of expensive parts, so you can even find some stun guns as cheap as ten to fifteen dollars! It is important to find the stun gun that works best for you and your situation, whether it be in an office that you walk to through a bad neighborhood or if the area you live makes you uncomfortable. The affordable cost makes this amazing tech available to everyone who may need it.

Charging and Maintenance

Most stun guns run off of a charge which can last anywhere from one or two uses to forty or so uses. The bigger the battery, however, the bigger the gun, so most smaller stun guns tend to only be usable fewer than ten times. It is easy to make sure the battery is always full, simply charging the device overnight will usually guarantee that it will always be ready when you need it. Caution is advised, however, as overcharging the battery can result in reduced battery life in the future. If your stun gun remains mostly unused, it’s best to simply test it at the end of the week to see if it is still holding a charge, and if it seems low or close to being dead, charge it then. Charging too frequently might result in the battery giving out when you need it most, so take care of your stun gun like you would take care of a phone or tablet and maintain its battery life for as long as possible!

If you are looking for the perfect tool to defend yourself or your loved ones, you should definitely consider what stun gun would best fit your needs. Consider how it would fit into your daily routine, and the kind of defense would be needed based on your area. Most importantly of all, don’t try to be a hero and save the day. The most important objective, when placed in a dangerous situation, should be getting to safety and contacting the proper authorities so that they can handle the situation in the best way possible.