After mobile apps becoming irreplaceable and invincible for businesses, now they are now losing interest in the so-called generic apps. Enterprises are now opting for custom mobile apps that are built for their business needs keeping their typical audience, employees, and constraints in mind. Custom mobile apps have also been found as extremely effective in minimizing operational cost and enhancing efficiency as well as productivity. The latest report states that by using custom apps 7.5 weekly work hours per employee can be saved. A vast majority of businesses already experienced sharp growth in revenue after embracing custom mobile apps.

While custom mobile apps will continue to remain popular because of the enormous boost it provides businesses in terms of revenue, productivity and customer outreach, the customization is not as easy as getting a new look and feel for the app. From design elements to selecting suitable technologies, a custom mobile app development company has to take into consideration various aspects.

Here we are going to explain some of the key benefits of developing custom mobile apps for your business.

Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency

Just because the business-specific custom apps are built keeping all your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in mind, the app offers a perfect platform for all your digital maneuvers. A custom app is tailored to suit your specific needs and to maximize your ease of operation and interaction with your customers. For instance, if your business handles a large number of field sales staff, the app can deliver the crucial features to track and boost the productivity of the field staff. With a boost in efficiency and productivity, a custom app thus ensures far greater ROI input.

Great Customer Relationship Management

For modern businesses, offering a very responsive, customer-focused, proactive, and understanding customer relationship is a must. On the other hand, customer relationship today requires being always awake and available throughout the day and night all through the days and months. This is why most companies are opting for customer relationship management through mobile apps.

A custom business app takes customer relationship management to the next level by allowing customers innovative ways to access products and become informed about them. A custom app can utilize a slew of technologies like 3D images, augmented reality, animation, AI-powered chatbots, machine learning, etc. to customize communication and access to information on the screen.

Improved Data Security

One of the biggest reasons for certain businesses to opt for custom apps is to ensure optimum data security and safeguard the business from unsolicited and malicious accesses and cyber-attacks. Well, when it comes to data security, the reputation of a business is at stake since a business remains the custodian of its customer’s data.

A custom mobile app is built keeping the typical vulnerabilities and risk factors for your data in mind can provide the ideal security solution without hurting the accessibility. A custom mobile by utilizing the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, and Blockchain decentralized database can offer a comprehensive data security mechanism.

Optimum Scalability

Most generic apps are built to cater to a limited audience, and they lack scalability or the ability to accommodate an increasing number of audiences as the business finds enhanced traction. In contrast, custom mobile apps are built keeping thoroughly this scalability in mind. Custom apps always remain scalable and are made to adapt to the increasing number of customer queries and traffic.

Make Solutions More Cost-Effective

For many businesses staying competitive is synonymous to maintaining low-cost management. In certain businesses, the profit margin is very less, and the companies do everything to keep their bottom line first as low as possible. This is where custom mobile apps can play a significant role. Custom apps besides apart from saving cost through enhanced productivity and efficiency also can utilize low-vista means to allow many activities like reporting, payment processing, and logistics.

Easy Upgrades and Maintenance

A generic app built without keeping the specific aspects of the business in mind is hard to maintain as well. With such apps, you always remain clueless about what enhancements the app is likely to require in the time to come. On the other hand, while building a custom app, the developers have a detailed idea about the kind of technologies that may upgrade and the app features that may require improvements over time. With a custom app, you are in much better control over the upgrades and maintenance of your app.

Suitable for In-House Manpower

A generic app is never built keeping your business environment and employees in mind. If you are a small startup beginning your journey with a neat small team consisting of just 10 or fewer employees, you may find an app suitable for large teams quite inappropriate. This is why you need a custom app with great scalability that can scale up its capacity as the company grows.

Helping Businesses with Wider Outreach

The best thing about the custom mobile app is that it helps a business garnering far more extensive outreach with customized and audience-specific elements. Unlike “one size fits all” development approach that remains in darkness about your target audience, a custom app is built keeping your target market in mind. If you want to find traction with a broader audience, a custom app is a must.


The benefits of building a mobile app tailored to specific business needs are too many. As businesses increasingly prefer personalization over a “one size fits all” approach to outlive competition, a custom mobile app seems to be the logical replacement for regular apps.

Author Bio:

Juned Ghanchi is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of Indian App Developers, the fastest-growing mobile app development company in India. Juned is a blogger with a passion for mobile technology solutions and conversion strategies.