If you are seeking ways to improve tour shopping, then you have come to the right place. This article presents you with 10 tips for smarter shopping to reduce your spending in the jungle of retail marketing psychology.


Ignore the Sensations

One of the biggest psychological influencers in retail is the use of sensory stimulants, including sound, smell and sight. That is why more and more shops are using deep bass music, creating eye-catching designs and making their shops smell fresh.

Check the real Base price

A lot of prices are reduced due to the reduction in product size too. Check the base price by calculating the cost per pound, kilo, gram, square inch, etc. That’s the real base price. After calculating the base price check for discount or coupon codes online to get an even larger benefit.

Control your Urges

While not everyone is an addict (shopaholic), you have to resist the urge to spend, even small amounts. The moment you control your urge to spend you are 50% on the way to total control.

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Do not fall for the Freebies

Freebies always cost more, especially when they condition the freebie to buy more than you need, such as six soaps, or ten loaves of bread. You don’t need so much, so the freebie actually costs more since it demands you spend more than you intended.

Shop with a Solid Partner

Don’t take a shopaholic with you when you go shopping, that’s all you need. Also, don’t shop with someone that has a much larger budget than you, the act of buying continuously will influence you to spend more than you intended.

Ignore the Express Lanes

These are the slowest lanes since the actual time to pay is more than the time to barcode the items. Standing in a line for long times will lead to you “remembering” to buy more. The long queue tactic is a classic of many retail stores.

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Always Pre-Shop Online

If you want to know what something actually costs, check it online and check at least 5 different sites. You will eventually find the real average price, and use this as your guideline for buying in a brick and mortar location.

Buying Online with KPI’s

Use Key Performance Indicators as a guideline; this is called NLPP (non-linear performance pricing) It essentially means that you buy by performance and not price. You take an item and define what the key feature is, and then you search based on that. You then collate the different prices, reaching the average based on functionality.

Enjoy Life but Wisely

If you have a need, a desire, such as chocolate. Feed that desire, but wisely. Don’t try to erase it, and don’t overdo it. If you manage the needs, you will find you are spending less since you are happy with what you have.

When Travelling Buy what You cannot Get Locally

Sure, you can buy a lot of stuff abroad, but essentially when you travel, only buy what you really need and cannot get even online, and never buy in duty-free, it’s always more expensive.