Over sixteen million tourists visit Florence every single year. Just take a look at the tours that are available with operators like Withlocals, and you can quickly figure out why this is the case. The city offers so much to those that are interested in culture, history, charm and basically a really good time. However, this does not mean that you just want to experience the top travel attractions.

The city is filled with tourists, so it is really easy to end up drawn in by the main attractions of Venice. You will surely want to experience Ponte Vecchio, Duomo, San Lorenzo, and Uffizi but why not make everything better by also visiting some hidden gems? Locals do not want you to know about the following incredible locations.

San Miniato

You might visit San Miniato, but few people do so due to the incredible view that is possible. Make sure that you take your camera with you as you will be able to take some pretty amazing photographs. Also, it is not at all a bad idea to visit later so you can see the sunset.

The great thing about San Miniato is that it is close to Piazzale Michelangelo. You will get to see a twelfth-century church, the oldest ones in the entire city. Tourists rarely visit so you will also have a peaceful experience.

Florence Artisans

Buying things from artisans is definitely something that you want to take into account when you visit Florence. You will surely see so many artisans that sell wares right on the street. It is possible that many of them actually offer genuine items, but the truth is that most people actually sell some souvenirs that are mass-produced.

The best thing that you can do if you are interested in such items is to go to a local artisan’s shop. For instance, a popular local shop is Giuliano Ricchi’s jewelry workshop. You will need to talk to locals to find the shop since it is not marked, but you will love it.

Florence’s Secret Bakeries

Florence actually has some very interesting bakeries that you can visit. Many can be considered secret since not much is known about them, especially when thinking about tourists. This is especially the case when referring to the late-night bakeries.

Most of the bakeries in Florence open at around 2 AM. This is different than in most other cities from around the world. You are much better off looking for them when you are interested in a very late-night snack.

Signs will not be present but if you just follow your nose, you will surely find some really tasty freshly baked croissants. To make matters even more interesting, these pastries are really cheap.

Vasari Corridor

This hidden Florence passageway is connecting Palazzo Pitti with Palazzo Vecchio. Originally, it was the Medici family that built this corridor with the purpose of connecting Uffizi to the family’s residence. Nowadays, reservations are needed whenever you want to visit. This is due to the fact that this is a corridor that is actually closed for visits, without prior reservations, of course.

Rooftop Bars

Florence’s rooftop bars are a great place to spend your afternoon. You can just enjoy the views and sip on some tasty cocktails. These are bars that are not really hidden, but you will have problems finding them when you are walking on the streets.

Rooftop bars in Florence are present on the La Rinascente shopping center, hotels, and other buildings.

The Smaller Museums Of Florence

Just as with most European cities that are really popular among tourists, there are different museums that can be visited in Florence. In fact, the city is renowned for the museums it has. This is especially the case due to the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia. You want to visit these, but why not avoid the crowds and enjoy some of the smaller ones? As an example, be sure to consider a visit to Museo di San Marco and Bargello. They are both wonderful.

Look For Street Art

If you just go where all the tourists go, you can miss out on the incredible street art that is available in Florence. You can easily be drawn in by the city’s beautiful architecture and just overlook the city’s incredible street art scene.

All throughout the city you can see street art that was done by many local artists. This includes incredible underwater scenes by Blub, and there are even street signs that were re-designed and re-modified by Clet.

Apennine Colossus

This location is not in Florence, but it is really close, so it has to be mentioned. You just need to take a bus, and you will reach the Apennine Colossus. Do not visit when your stay in Florence is short since it will take some time to reach your destination. However, if you love art and there is time available, this sixteenth-century giant statue is worth a visit.

Those that do not have the needed time to visit the entire park can go to the Florence Boboli Gardens. There are works of art there that have been relocated from Villa Demidoff.

Florence’s Side Streets

Last but not least, we can say that every single street in Florence might offer you something that you will love. When you walk around, it will feel as if tourists are everywhere. This is because some of them actually just wander around and try to find their own hidden gems.

One of the best things that you can do in the city is to allow yourself to get lost a little. This will allow you to get a breather as you get rid of the crowd, and you will find sights that are not on the map. For instance, do consider Oltrarno. This is a neighborhood that is not crowded and has a clear local, low-key vibe.

To sum up, if you want to visit Florence, be sure that you allow yourself as much time as possible. You will find attractions in most corners, and you will surely take many pictures you will love.