Finland occupies a curious space in the online casino legislative landscape. The official line is that Finns are prohibited from using unauthorized gambling sites, and by unauthorized they mean any that are not operated by the state monopoly. So, in theory, there is no access for Finns to the popular casino sites that serve the rest of continental Europe.

The reality, as is so often the case, is quite different. No material restrictions exist preventing Finnish players from signing up with a casino site based in another country. Likewise, there is no prohibition on the movement of money between foreign gambling sites and bank accounts in Finland. Many so-called unauthorized sites have dedicated Finnish language versions and happily accept Finns as customers. In fact, some of the biggest and most reputable casino sites serve the Finnish market.

This leaves players in Finland in a uniquely vulnerable position. Many players prefer the games, offers, and variety offered by foreign gambling sites, but they are not protected by Finnish law should something go wrong. Unscrupulous and unlicensed operators, who would have no chance of entering a tightly-regulated market like the UK, are all but free to prey on unsuspecting Finns.

This is where MrCasinova for Finnish players comes in. Operating internationally, this invaluable site offers guidance, tips, and advice on everything to do with online casinos. Since gambling is such a popular pastime in Finland, they have a special Finnish language site that focuses on the players in that country.

Who is MrCasinova?

As the avatar of the site, MrCasinova is an individual who personifies everything that is smart, sophisticated, and glamorous about casinos. He is also an authority on the subject and never fails to provide sage advice for players from novices to seasoned pros.

Naturally, MrCasinova himself is merely an idea, and the site is actually run by a team of industry insiders who work tirelessly to bring the latest information to their readers. The Finnish version of the site focuses entirely on those casinos that accept players from the country. It is also available in English, for those citizens for whom Finnish is not their preferred language.

As well as articles, explainers, and top tips, MrCasinova has a constantly updated series of casino reviews and recommendations. This is arguably the most valuable resource for Finnish players. The casino listings found at MrCasinova include only safe, trustworthy, and reputable sites. Finns know that when they select a casino site from the pages of MrCasinova, they will be able to play with peace of mind.

Resources at MrCasinova

As we have just seen, the sanctioned casino listings are the top resource at MrCasinova Finland. The site likes to highlight those gambling sites that have put in a lot of effort to appeal to the Finnish market. Since many game and casino designers originate from Finland, there are games that have a special attractiveness to citizens of the country.

The top recommendations for Finland also take into account many other factors that help to improve the overall casino experience. All sites are available in Finnish where possible, and also offer customer support with native Finnish speakers. As well as all this, sites must accommodate Finnish financial transactions in order to make the cut. This usually includes some Finland-specific payment gateways such as Finnish eBanking.

Since foreign casino sites operate outside the jurisdiction of the Finnish authorities, players need to be assured of their safety and legitimacy. That is why MrCasinova only lists sites that have a license from a respected gambling governance body such as the Malta Gaming Authority. A Maltese license is needed for a casino to be active in a number of EU countries, as well as Finland.

Beyond the casino reviews, there is a whole wealth of information for Finnish casino players. One topic that all casino visitors are keen to know more about our bonuses. These special offers are often the deciding factor between joining one site or another. MrCasinova can guide readers to the best bonuses specially tailored for Finland. These include welcome offers, cashback on losses, free spins, and much more.

Although we touched on the legal landscape for foreign casinos in Finland at the start of this article, there is much more information available at All the pertinent details are laid out in a clear and easy to understand format, so every visitor can quickly understand their rights.

How MrCasinova Helps Finnish Players

The MrCasinova website is an essential resource for Finns who want to play at either foreign or domestic casino sites. First and foremost, the recommendations found at are for sites that are completely safe to play in Finland. Fully licensed, well-regulated, and conforming to the highest standards of online security – when a Finnish player chooses a casino via MrCasinova they can’t go wrong.

Another way that MrCasinova can assist players is as a one-stop-shop for everything they need to know about online casino sites. The industry has its own jargon which can be confusing for newcomers. With the handy explainers provided at the site, readers can learn about concepts such as wagering requirements, return to player percentages, variance and volatility, and plenty more.

For newcomers, has detailed sections on all the different types of casino games. This includes playing guides, along with ideas for how to maximize a casino bankroll. It also explores ideas around whether it is possible to have a winning strategy in various games.

For players who are looking for a casino site that offers a specific type of bonus, or supports their preferred payment platform, MrCasinova can help here too. The site conveniently sorts all their recommended casinos into a number of categories. So, for example, players can find the casinos that have free spins offers for Finns, all in one place.

Providing fresh and updated content at all times, players from Finland and around the world need to look no further than MrCasinova for all their online casino needs.