Are you sick and tired of being fat? Are you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and hating the image you see? Are you sick and tired of being lazy and out of shape?

If so, you’re definitely not alone. A lot of people feel that way. In fact, a lot of people have felt that way at some point throughout their lives. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of us who will go month after month, year after year, and even decade after decade with zero results.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there who will be fat for the rest of their lives. Although that statement may be very harsh, there is a lot of truth to it. If you feel that way, please understand that I’m not trying to say that your situation is hopeless. There is plenty of hope and plenty of solutions to escape the rut that you’re currently in. The first step to success is to discover the underlying causes of why we’re not making the necessary adjustments to change our health and body image.

Below are 5 reasons why you will be fat for the rest of your life if you don’t change. These reasons are typically not what you’d think when it comes to losing weight. These are not related to exercise techniques or dieting strategies, but rather character traits and habits that dictate our results.


Honestly, everything we do in life begins with belief. You will never succeed at anything in life unless you first believe that you can do it. Even something as simple as eating an apple begins initially with belief. If you don’t believe that you can eat an apple, you won’t even bother picking it up. Once one gains the knowledge that apples are edible and believes that they are capable of consuming them, they will then start eating apples.

I know that my apple example was rather silly, but belief is such a powerful concept. Your ability to believe in yourself has enabled you to accomplish many great things in life. Losing weight is no exception to the power of self-belief.

I truly believe that there are many people who “think” that they can lose weight and change their body, but don’t truly “believe” in themselves. Whether it’s consciously, subconsciously, or a combination of both, we carry limiting beliefs. There are varying levels of conviction, but in order to fully achieve the results you want, you have to believe in yourself so significantly that your situation is no longer a question of “if” you’ll achieve it. The situation must become a matter of “when” you’ll achieve it.


Procrastination is the biggest killer of productivity. I, personally, continue to struggle with procrastination. All the activities needed to lose weight are actually very simple. The problem is that they’re very simple to do, but also very simple not to do.

In fact, if you really think about, just about every mentally stable, educated individual knows that weight loss is really just about controlling your diet and exercise. With those two things under control, you will lose weight eventually. The hard part is controlling ourselves mentally and emotionally to follow through on the necessary action steps.

We put off all the little things that will help us shed fat. It’s never the big decisions that kill our goals. It’s always the little things we do every single day, which end up compounding over time. It’s choosing to delay signing up for a personal trainer. It’s choosing to eat that extra chunk of cake. It’s choosing to stay in your room and watch Netflix instead of going for a walk. It’s choosing to take the stairs tomorrow and favoring the elevator. Every single time we delay doing what’s necessary, we’re adding a pound of fat to our body.


This is something that seems so simple, but many of us fail to grasp how monumental of a problem this is. A lot of us may despise how we look in the mirror but haven’t formed a great enough desire to change that reflection.

We can blame our results on a variety of things. We can blame our genetics. We can blame our distaste for dieting. We can blame our hatred for exercising. We can blame our busy schedule. Ultimately, our lack of results should be blamed on our lack of desire.

If you have not lost the amount of weight you want to lose, you simply do not want it bad enough. If you truly, 100% wanted it bad enough, you’d put forth the energy, effort, and resources needed to make it happen. You may “kind of” want to lose weight, but you don’t want it bad enough to take the necessary action. Once your level of desire is sufficient enough, you will take the corresponding level of action, which will eventually get you your desired result! We first need to ask ourselves the tough question and assess what we truly want.


A lot of us have a strong desire to lose weight and end up putting together a near-flawless program to get the job done. Unfortunately, the majority of us fail to follow through on our plan of action. We get distracted by life.

Life has an incredible habit of throwing rocks at us as we’re climbing up our mountain of progress. As we make attempts to follow through on the brilliant game plans we’ve outlined for ourselves, life distractions challenge our desire to follow through. Some distractions include, but aren’t limited to, social events, increasing demands at work, stressful challenges at school, relationship issues, new food products, new restaurants in your local area, financial strife, devastating family events, and social media consumption.

Many of you have a problem stabilizing your emotions to the point where you become impervious to distractions. Many of you, for example, make a commitment to hit the gym 3 times per week. You successfully hit your goal for the first weeks of January. Suddenly, the demands of your job become more stressful and you decide to skip the gym once a week to give yourself time to relax. Then, in addition to the stress at work, you start facing challenges in your relationship, so you decide to skip 2 days per week at the gym to spend more time with your significant other. Then you realize that you’re behind on your bills and decide to cancel your gym membership and you stop working out entirely, leaving you with the same fat body you were trying so hard to eradicate.

If you truly want to achieve the health and body of your dreams, it’s imperative that you eliminate distractions. It’s okay to enable some wiggle room for small distractions on occasion, but be sure to quash the small distractions from evolving into dream-killers.

5.Shiny Program Syndrome

You may or may not have heard of the term “shiny object syndrome,” but it’s a popular phrase used to describe one’s lack of focus. Well, a lot of people who want to lose weight suffer from what I like to call “shiny program syndrome.”

“Shiny program syndrome” is when someone jumps from a weight loss program to weight loss program constantly and never seems to make any solid progress. They jump from diet to diet, exercise to exercise, and routine to a routine when results don’t come as fast as they’d like. One week they’re excited about the ketogenic diet. The next week they’re excited about the paleo diet. The week after that they’re in love with intermittent fasting.

Many people get so distracted with all the different programs on the market that they have trouble sticking to one plan until they achieve their desired results. In my opinion, you will always be fat if you allow “shiny program syndrome” to compromise your decision-making. Stick to one strategy and give it everything you have until you achieve the body you want!

I know that some of these concepts may seem fairly common-sense, and may not have been what you were expecting. I truly believe, however, that losing weight successfully does not reside in a particular diet or exercise. The secret certainly doesn’t reside in some unknown method that you haven’t uncovered yet.

The secret to losing weight and ensuring that you’re not fat for the remainder of your life is to first conquer yourself. Conquer the belief in yourself. Conquer your procrastination, distractions, and “shiny program syndrome.” Conquer your desire for success. Become the person that’s worthy of having the body you want, and you will eventually obtain the body you want.

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