There is nothing better than planning family adventures and activities filled with fun and excitement to make the best memories together.

The sun is shining that little bit brighter, and the days are getting that bit longer – it’s time to ditch the usual weekend plans of just going down to the park to walk the dog, or venturing a little further for the usual family bike ride, and plan something different for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Go to an Adventure Park

If you’re looking to get yours and your family’s hearts pumping with some adrenaline then make sure to plan a day out at the Aerial Adventure Park. Made up of low and high ropes courses tying treetops and bridges together, it is sure to be a great family day filled with excitement and adventure.

Experience the thrill of zip-lining through the adventure park and gliding through the high trees on short and longer-length zip lines.

And it doesn’t stop there! The fun continues well into the night with their Glow in the Park events, allowing you to experience all the zip-lining fun and rope courses in the evening with LED lights and music filling your evening with added enjoyment.

Go camping!

If you’re keen to get outdoors and really get back to nature then go on a great family camping trip.

Camping gives so much opportunity for family bonding, from lake fishing to building the tents together, and making s’mores over a camp fire – there are so many fun and different activities you can do together as a family.

It could even turn into a yearly tradition or holiday choice given how it’s such an accessible and cheaper option, but still provides you with so many great activities to make unforgettable memories.

Go for a Guided Hike

Hiking is not only a great form of exercise and a great way to get the whole family out from in front of the TV and into the fresh air, but it is also a really good bonding experience.

Guided hikes have signs and map to follow a guided route to reach a certain destination, you can combine your efforts and map skills (however shocking they may be) to reach the end.

The best bit is enjoying the journey together with family sing-a-longs, games of eye-spy, and stopping to take in the view and have a cheeky snack together.

Go Berry Picking

There are so many pick-your-own farms filled with fresh fruits and vegetables waiting to be picked, take the family on a day out of berry picking!

It is a fun and easy activity for everybody to get involved in, even turning it into a mini competition to see who can pick the most!

And the best part is not only can you try the array of fresh berries on offer as you pick along, but you can take the leftovers home and make a berry pie or cake for some further family bonding time.