As technologies advance, so old technologies become obsolete. Operating systems get upgraded or even changed and hardware makes computing power faster, with optical developments making built in cameras even more accurate.
This is now the time to end an old Apple technology, 10 years is more then enough and the MacBook air has had a good innings. Just so you know, Apple has had over 500 technology changes, to be exit 547 since 1976. Here is the Apple Time Line in all is glory.

Between 1976 to 1989; Apple had 86 Models
This is when Apple started out, created its market niche and competed against IBM, Commodore, and eventually Microsoft. This was the era that started personal computing and set the scene for the great global computing race. It was also the era when Apple ousted Steve Jobs and fell into a conundrum that nearly wiped them out.

Between 1990 to 2000; 184 Models

In this decade there was a decline in sales but a great increase in models, where Apple tried to build back consumer confidence in the face of a Microsoft onslaught. It was only in 1997 that Steve Jobs came back to Apple and saved it from extinction.

Between 2000 to 2009; 119 Models
Exactly 4 years after Jobs return, the iPos was introduced in 2002. The digital age revolution had begun. Exactly years later, due to the internet and communications technologies evolution, Jobs was able to create the first iPhone in 2007. This was when Apple claim its market dominance, but not in computing, in mobile device technologies. Its main competitors are Samsung (Android OS) and other mobile device manufacturers, as well as OS developers such as Google.

Between 2010 to Today; 154 Models
This is the era of gadgets, where Apple introduced its Watch in 2011 and continues to develop new gadgets as well as third part interactivity to increase its market scope. Its main competitors are rising from many sectors, such as Amazon, with their Virtual Assistant technology.