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Which App Development Platform is Better? A Head to Head Showdown

With the emergence of smartphones, a large number of companies have jumped into the manufacturing industry and started building phones with a multitude of...

Seven Essential Apps for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads can be explained as the people who do not have a proper workplace to tend to. They can set up their office...

The End of Apple MacBook, or Apples Technology Time Line

As technologies advance, so old technologies become obsolete. Operating systems get upgraded or even changed and hardware makes computing power faster, with optical developments...

Huawei Fails to Enter US

The silent cold war between the US and China has found a new victim. Huawei, the Chinese mobile tech giant, was negotiating for over...

Apple combats Spectre and Meltdown

Ever since the ground shattering revelation that microprocessor chip manufacturers sold the world compromised chips with built-in flaws, all chip users are now scrambling...