History has taught us that those companies that ignore emerging technologies tend to go bankrupt within a short time. Technology has been growing at a phenomenal pace over the last 10 years. A time is coming where every aspect of our lives will be controlled by technology.

While technology is good and welcomed we will see a shift in business processes over the years, and this will create jobs in some industries while in others people will be left redundant.

Read on to learn which technologies to look out for in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence


AI is changing entire industries and forcing companies to embrace some of the new AI driven applications. AI influence extends to many fields such as medicine, Law, manufacturing, agriculture among others. Industries in 2019 will be more data-driven, and this will help reduce costs while boosting efficiency in business processes.

Blockchain technologies


This involves the use of a decentralized ledger to store and share data. The data created is safe and can be accessed by anyone across the globe. Industries are identifying new areas to implement blockchain technologies. With cyber attacks on the rise, the need for secure data points is on the rise. Industries that have often relied on records will see a surge in blockchain technologies. Some of these industries include banking, medicine, and law. Most of the hype to blockchain technologies has been in the financial sector with the introduction of bitcoins, but it is expected to fizzle out as more companies embrace blockchain technologies. To help in security, we should see private companies adopting some of the Best VPN services across the globe.

Internet of Things (IoT)


Devices are becoming more intelligent, and this has led them playing a complementary role in how we do things. These devices are connected to the internet and use AI which makes them smarter. You have these devices installed in homes, and they regulate the air-conditioning, inform you when something is finished in the freezer and are responsible for smart cities.


As society becomes more data-driven and we usher in a world where machines play a great part in whatever we do we should see an increase in cyber-attacks. IOT gadgets will be more vulnerable, and this will necessitate companies to come up with innovative solutions to tackle fraud and hacking. The very same technologies that are created can help find vulnerabilities in devices. Security experts will use behavioral analysis to track hackers. A new approach that we are going to see influencing safety will be the introduction of the CARTA – continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment. This process involves a continuous evaluation of risks to identify potential threats.

The role of Chief of Data officers will increase

As the world moves towards been data-driven, we are going to see a rise in the roles of CDOs. Before IT was a small department, but with the increase in machine use, we are going to see CDOs playing a pivotal role in managerial decisions. The CDOs will be tasked with exploring new challenges in the organizations and suggesting new solutions. It is estimated that big organizations will have created new positions by the end of the year.

AI will define construction and tuning models

Automation has been used in manufacturing for the past decades. Organizations have preferred incorporating robots in their manufacturing because machines do not get tired, have no lunch breaks and you do not have to worry about production coming to a standstill because of strikes. With advanced machines using AI been deployed some processes will not require any human input. On the downside, this will lead to a decline in employment rates.

Increased computing power

When computers started gaining ground, the 70 s they were bulky with slow speeds. Technological advances started doubling each year until 2000. Increased computing power meant more devices were created and this affected industries in a big way. Today we are moving towards quantum computing, and this will see computers that are many times faster than what we have today. They will also be smaller and faster.

3D printing


This is an area that has seen significant transformation in recent years. 3D printing is disrupting how these are done in the manufacturing industry and real estate development. Traditional the process of cutting done materials to the required shape and length was cumbersome and prone to errors. With 3D printing, we see faster printers that can handle different types of materials including liquid, concrete, metal, plastic and even chocolate. We now have a house that has been constructed through 3D printing.

Change in how we interact with technology

Smartphones have changed how we interact with our environment. Instead of typing in the search button, you can simply use an application like Siri and dictate what you want your phone to do. Phones have also been used to monitor home security systems. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of the searches online will be voice-based. We will also increase interaction between Smartphone’s and other devices like refrigerators and smart cars. Most vehicles will have incorporated some phone of AI systems to enables self-drive. We will probably see a world where self-driving vehicles are the norm.

Cashless economies


The world has started to migrate to a purely cashless society. With mobile-based payments been used across the developed countries, we will see less of cash. Various forms of blockchain transactions will influence e-commerce. Cashless payments help eliminate fraud and money laundering while opening the market to different players. Sweden has become the first country in the world to become a cashless economy with only one percent of the cash in circulation. We shall also see people been inserted with microchips as a way of making payments.


Technology is growing at a phenomenal rate. Technological innovations will influence every factor of our lives. AI and blockchain systems will be on the forefront in driving this growth. How people interact with technology will change, and we will have more gadgets that make life easier.