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1. Consider Marketing Strategies That Use Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content has grown out of the boom in popularity seen by Instagram and Snapchat stories among millions of users. In essence, a piece of ephemeral content is that that has a brief lifespan, typically less than 24 hours. While this concept may seem intimidating at first, use of this type of content has been extremely successful in terms of reaching Generation Z viewers as well as Millennial users. After Instagram Stories hit 250 million users each day, the company decided to usher in the era of Live Video replay options.

Ephemeral content and its abbreviated lifespan is beneficial in the following ways:

* It generates a feeling of urgency as well as a keen sense of FOMO.

* It attracts an audience’s attention by engendering a feeling of curiosity and discovery.

* It provides the opportunity to closely monitor who follows the brand with regularity.

* It helps keep the visitors coming back for more.

* It provides a sense of authenticity due to the raw style and short life.

2. Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

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Not everyone is aware that Google is tweaking its proprietary algorithm in order to make websites easier to view and utilize via a mobile device. Mobile use has exploded in recent years, making it a virtual certainty that large numbers of individuals will search online in this manner. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all site owners to ensure that their content is attractive and easy to use in a mobile format. Mobile-heavy indexing is a sign of things to come and is something that deserves serious attention

3. Crafting The Richest Snippets Possible

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A snippet is a bit of material found when someone searches Google for a particular topic. Rich snippets are those able to ensnare the viewer’s attention far better than those that are weaker in quality. As web audiences grow ever more savvy in determining which sites are useful to them, it is far more probable that they will select a link that contains lots of critical information such as reviews, rating and the like. For now, however, the richness of snippets is not a factor in Google’s ranking methodology.


4. Searching By Voice

With the passage of time, the ways in which audiences search for what they need changes at a rapid pace, always moving toward the expenditure of less effort on their part. Voice search is a case in point. Smartphones have evolved to become more user-friendly than ever before. While it may be true that the majority of searches does not yet happen from a voice trigger, the tide may be turning. At present, roughly 20 percent of searches stem from a voice command, so it bears watching where the trend may go. Marketers need to pay close attention to customer demands in terms of easy access to website information. Natural language voice searching is clearly an area set to see significant growth going forward. With the rise of artificial intelligence, the pace is surely to quicken.

5. The Need For Speed

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Everyone is aware of this element, but in light of the advances in mobile technology it has come to the forefront more than ever. A typical issue for websites with regard to their mobile incarnation is an imbalance of speed. Therefore, not only must site owners make their offerings mobile-friendly, they also need to to optimize speed. It makes no sense to create a great site only to have potential customers click away from it before making a purchase simply because it it too slow. If this phenomenon of aborted buying occurs to frequently, Google will begin moving the site’s ranking ever downward. Remember that even the most attractive website will lose in the end if customers have to wait too long to see it work.

6. Security Concerns

This is perhaps the most vital consideration for website operators and clients of New York local SEO experts. In 2017, we recommended that our clients make the investment in SSL Certificates so that their sites enjoy the strongest possible security. Visitors to sites regularly to check to see if this protection is in place. Key benefits to having a truly secure website include:

* Having a secure connection to offer users who may be nervous about sending private data.

* Stopping determined hackers from getting their hands on customer information.

* Boosting search rankings.

* Preparing for future Google changes pertaining to security matters.

7. “Linkless” Website Backlinks

There can be no doubt about the important role played by backlinks in the SEO world in recent years. This used to be the go-to method of connecting from a different web source as a way to enhance a given website’s authority for search engine purposes. However, Google decided that the technique was being abused, causing the search engine giant to develop its Penguin algorithm as a response. After that happened, it has evolved that standard ethical practices dictate that efforts be made to obtain links from highly reputed, third-party sources.

Though doing this helped a good bit for a while, Google is making it harder and harder to get desired results with this tactic alone. Backlinks seem to be fading somewhat in their ability to drive outcomes. Authority of a link is now insufficient to do all the work. Search engines are able to make connections between discussions about institutions, brands and other groups, and linking to the relevant websites, therefore, becomes unnecessary. Though links are likely to retain at least some power, now there is a need to devote greater resources to the content that surrounds hyperlinked characters on a page. With New York Local SEO you can find that your overall performance will be optimized for sure.