On the fence about striking out on your own as an independent contractor? While it’s true that you’ll be responsible for much more, many find it liberating to create their own destiny outside of a cubicle. Here are seven reasons you can look forward to being your own boss as an independent contractor.

1. Create an unbeatable resume.

Depending on your industry, a resume that contains one or two long stretches at a job can look sort of dry. When you’re a contractor, you can branch out and get experience with all kinds of companies. This makes you appear as though you really have the lay of the land, which over time, you will.

2. You can leave the drama behind.

Office culture holds something different for everyone experiencing it. Often, we’re distracted or annoyed by internal bickering, alliances, and more. When you’re independent, you’re less likely to be trapped in the bubble, and if you are, it’s temporary.

3. Make room for what matters.

What aspects of your life do you neglect when work gets in the way? There are still deadlines and demands as an independent, but there’s more flexibility in your schedule to help you work in holidays gatherings, kid’s soccer games, and more.

4. You can use your time more effectively.

How many times have you found yourself trapped in a meeting, secretly panicking about what’s piling up on your desk in the meantime? When you’re on your own, there are fewer meetings to take, and more and more of these are remote, anyway.

5. You’re less likely to get stuck in a rut.

It’s not unusual to find yourself getting bored with your job. Don’t let this evolve into complete dread; instead, try out new skills across different projects. When you start running dry on one, keep your creative juices flowing by picking up another. Just remember to get general contractor insurance to keep yourself on the up and up across all contracts.

6. You learn how to become more motivated and productive.

As we learned, a lot of jobs will still impose deadlines. But when you’re independent, there’s a much smaller chance anyone will help you to the finish line. You have to wake up and take complete initiative each day in order to be successful. This ends up strengthening your character and making you a more valuable contractor.

7. Unlimited hours.

Does your boss hassle you about overtime? When you’re an independent contractor, you make your own hours, and if you need the extra money, you can go for it. Plus, you can get hired by companies who make actual overtime much more accessible, since they have a limited amount of time with you.

Times are changing. A lot of companies are no longer offering the kind of position where you stay for decades and then receive retirement. When you work independently, you can build diverse experience, ensuring that you’re qualified for more positions – no matter the duration. Best of all, the freedom to create your own schedule and influence your environment is preferable to many.