When the hot summer season sets in, sleeping at night becomes a big challenge because heat acts as a sleep repellent. The high temperatures make the house swelter thus it becomes too hot to sleep. Therefore, people start looking for ways to make the bedroom cool so that they can fall asleep. There are various ways you can upgrade your bedroom to make it fresh at night so that sleeping becomes enjoyable during this hot season.

  1. Installing an air conditioner

One of the things that can work is an air conditioner or a fan. If you do not previously own the fan or AC, you can purchase it from any local store that sells electronics. Mounting and fitting an air conditioner on the wall can be quite costly.

Therefore, a better option is buying a portable fan that will reduce the expenses, given that the hot season will be over in just a few months. Installing the air conditioner before the summer season can be quite cost-effective because the demand for these gadgets rises during summer hence they become quite expensive. 

  1. Upgrading your bedroom

Another way that you can counter the hot season is by getting rid of your thick blankets and duvets and go for a new shopping escapade for summer bed sheets like linen and percale. These summer bed sheets, like percale, are made using cotton that tends to have a cooling effect when you sleep. The linen sheets are also light and porous hence no air will be trapped between and within the fabric.

Most people prefer the linen sheets because they are breathable thus very convenient for the hot weather. You can also decide to mix the linen and percale sheets whereby you use percale as the bottom sheets and use the linen to cover yourself. This way, you will be able to sleep as well as no heat will be retained between the sheets.

In addition to the summer sheets, you can buy a chilling pillow that incorporates gel or water which cools your head when you lay down your head. This can help you to fall asleep quickly.

  1. Put off any heat extension and aerate the room

During the warm weather, blocking out the light in your bedroom as well as the other rooms can bring about a cooling effect on the house. During the day, open the curtains to dissipate the heat build-up. More so, allowing fresh air to flow into the house can make it a bit cool. However, when the sun is high up, it is wise to block out the light using insulated noise canceling blackout curtains. You can check out the review at 10bestranked.com of various noise canceling curtains. This will make your room silent, dark and cold during summer.

  1. Building your own air cooler

In case you do not want to buy any accessories to make your home cool due to a tight budget, you can make your own homemade air cooler. Using a room fan and ice, you will be able to improvise your air cooler. Take a large bowl then fill it with ice then place it in front of the fan. As the fan rotates, it will blow chilly air thus creating a micro-environment of a cold breeze in the room. This can be effective until, of course, the ice melts.

  1. Wetting your sheets

This method is also handy for the summer season. Get rid of your duvet and blanket the wet the top sheet of the bed. Wring the cloth but leave it slightly damp. After that, you can slide under the damp sheet and enjoy the coolness until you fall asleep. However, waking up with wet sheets is a major disadvantage.

  1. Freezing your sheets

If all other methods do not work for you, another option is freezing your bed sheets. Put your top sheets or fitted sheets into a polythene bag and put them in the freezer for a few minutes. Then, just before you sleep, spread the now cold sheets on the bed, and you will enjoy the refreshing feeling before you close your eyes.

  1. Sleep with an ice water-filled bottle

Fill your silicone hot water bottle with ice-cold water and take it with you to bed. You can wrap it with a towel and place it next to you to keep you cool so that you can fall asleep fast.

Summer heat is a big distraction from sleep thus it is essential to improvise or upgrade your home to counter the heat. No one likes sleeping on his/her own sweat thus making the home cool is the best solution for better sleeping during the summer.