“I go out with her, upload selfies with her, spend most of my time with her, and take care of her more than myself. She’s the first thing I go to see after brushing my teeth in the morning, she’s the only one who relieves me whenever I’m having a bad day. She gives me utter peace, fills me with impeccable excitement, makes me feel strong and masculine, gives me intense ecstasy and whenever I’m with her, I forget all my pain, the harshness of life, responsibilities, familial pressures, crazy demands of my boss and the stress associated with all these things. When we’re together, it’s only me and her. I can’t even explain how she makes me forget about the world. She’s my drug, my habit, my love, my life…she’s my bike!”

A fanatic rider

Usually, all men like bikes and some of them are even mad about them. Whether it’s about owning a new cool model of Kawasaki Ninja or performing cool stunts on a dirt bike, they are completely fanatic about them, and sometimes even their whole life revolves around their bikes.

By listening to a number of crazy riders, I realized how a bike is just not a two-wheel vehicle for them. Their souls are connected to their motorcycles and they have sometimes even gone out of their ways for their bikes.

Bikes as hobbies

Stunting: Guys are often intrigued by the scope of action a bike provides like no other vehicle.
Stunting can become anyone’s favorite pastime hobby and source of thrill and joy. The thrill a guy gets while stunting by the rush of adrenaline through his veins gives him a pleasure that can’t be replaced by any other feeling in the world.

They also form an immaculate grip on their bikes through such action and practice allowing the scope of taking more risk and thus seeking more thrill.

Touring: Guys enjoy touring in groups. What else a man needs more than the company of his adventurous friends and his dear bike? They tour together over dusty lanes, smooth highways, mountainous routes and what not!

A guy who loves traveling (who doesn’t?) would definitely fall in love with touring and his bike which provides as the best means to get anywhere anytime.

When you’re on a bike, your inanimate surroundings seem to have become alive. Even the simplest of the things intrigue you. The sky seems to have got a fresh color. The wind passing by feels like it’s kissing you. Your goal is not the destination but the ride itself.

Even when you slip while riding, you’d never check how hurt you are, being a true lover of your bike, but first get hold of your bike and check how much damage the fall had caused to it. The injury you get never really matters to you then, but if your bike is hurt, you do feel sorry.

In the hills

People in mountainous regions are often very fond of bikes and other two-wheelers given the small and uncertain hilly roads.

Even the tourists come and hire bikes to ride on the mountainous roads. And from the point you start on the lower hill till the point you reach on the highest peak you’d destined for, you literally live the beauty of the nature that passes you in the route.

The risk associated with those roads with one side endangered by never-ending rocks of the hill and the other side without any railings leaving you utterly vulnerable to fall off the hill if your tire slips, gets you goosebumps and a heartbeat as fast as your bike. And when you safely reach your destination, there is no feeling of triumph bigger than that.

Many passionate bikers spend a lot of time making vlogs of their rides and unboxing bike safeguarding accessories and motorcycle adventure products for their YouTube videos because there is nothing more important than these for a biker to stay alive and keep his bike safe along with involving in all those risks and adventures.

What makes them love bikes?

Whenever someone asks any rider why he loves bikes, he falls into the nostalgia of those moments of thrill and action he’d with his beloved bike. It’s almost like reminding a lover of his ladylove. That’s how much their bikes mean to them!

It’s really hard to explain. Those feelings are too wide to be summed up in simple words.

But of course riding has amazing benefits associated with it which make those moments precious and unforgettable:

Speed: What man doesn’t like being in action? There’s literally nothing faster than a bike. Either you get him a roller coaster or you get him a bike, both stand for speed to him. The rush, the adrenaline, the action, the liveliness of those moments is all priceless. Men clearly are fanatic for speed so are they for bikes.

Image reference from https://www.motorcyclenews.com

Attraction: Bikes are as attractive as women. In fact, bikes attract women. Dressed-up in proper leathers and gears when a guy halts at the red light on his sexy sports bike, all heads turn to see him, even of those girls who were seated with their boyfriends in cars.

Ask a woman and she’d usually like a man who rides. Even a boring professional mostly seen in formals looks spectacular the moment he dresses for a ride in that lustrous leather jacket and gloves with jeans and a chic helmet.

Image reference from http://www.motorrad-stories.co.uk

Handiness: Of course bikes are easy to carry. You won’t have to spend minutes in taking a careful turn or finding space for parking like you’ve to do with a car. They’re very resourceful in traffic jams when there’s no space for bigger vehicles to pass out. They’re also useful on extreme roads which lack proper space for even a single car to pass comfortably. Given to their small size and agility, they are very successful on roads where bigger vehicles aren’t.

Peace: Cars move the body, bikes move the soul. When guys are riding, they literally forget that they ever had any problems in their lives. The thrill accompanies a strange peace that utterly soothes them and brings back those high spirits they love to be in.

Team Spirit: When guys go for rides with their friends like a team, the feeling is not less intense than like owning the universe. They prefer that more than going to any club and party. The feeling of togetherness can be clearly seen in those selfies they take together after reaching their destination.

Solitude: Riding alone is no less fun than riding with others. Whenever a rider wants to spend time with himself, he must ride on a rainy day as the road seems vacant then. That not only sharpens his handling of the bike but also gives him the control over his trip which he can’t have while riding in a group. He can stop at any place he likes which is not possible while riding in a group. He can take the pure joy of the routes before he gets to his destination. It gives him time to think, reflect, and feel himself and his soul.

Better lover: Riding sharpens one’s senses and reaction timing making them good in bed. So a good rider turns out to be a better lover.

Image reference from Pinterest

Bikes and Manliness

Owning a bike makes a guy feel like a man. It gives them freedom, strength, and courage associated with masculinity.

The dangers and risks associated with stunting, touring on harsh roads, motorbike sports all give us a proof of the courage men embody inside them.

A man is supposed to be the protector, and a protector must first learn to face the profanities himself. He has to fight danger and the fear associated with it.

Riding undeniably makes them learn those lessons and fight their fears. Every risk that is taken and every feat gives them the power to control their fear. Every time they fall and get hurt, they feel stronger than before and develop the ability to take calculated risks.

The handiness of a bike gives them extreme freedom. Also, when there is no fear, there is only freedom.

Motocross: another name to masculinity

As defined in the Bible, manhood is a functional reality, demonstrated in a man’s fulfillment of responsibility and leadership. Biking sports like motocross fulfill these qualities.

Image reference from https://ultimatemotorcycling.com

Responsibility – When you participate in such a sport, you don’t belong to any team but are on your own among your other competitors. You’re responsible for own actions, and there’s no one to blame.

Independence – Changing the oil, repairing a flat tire, and tuning up an engine are typical tasks that passionate dirt bike riders learn, integrating values of self-reliance in them. They would learn to fix things themselves without waiting for others to do it for them, undeniably making them real men.

Self-control – Also, in such sports, you learn to control your emotions. Men are always expected to have control over their emotions whether its aggression or sadness. Failing at the motocross in spite of all efforts and passion gives men the power to deal with these negative emotions. They understand the frequency of both success and failure in life and develop a positive attitude towards both.

Optimism – A man with a positive thinking would take calculated risks in the sport. He’d look at the opportunities where he can score for himself and won’t be disheartened at failure too. He’d only learn from his positive and negative experiences. This positivity would integrate gradually in his personality from the race tracks.

Aren’t these reasons enough to make any man fall in love with biking and develop it as a hobby of boosting his manhood?

Antoine Predock once remarked: The connection to place, to the land, the wind, the sun, stars, the moon… it sounds romantic, but it’s true – the visceral experience of motion, of moving through time on some amazing machine – a few cars touch on it, but not too many compared to motorcycles. I always felt that any motorcycle journey was special.

Riding is an art. If you have never owned a bike, you’ll never understand. And if you own one, you won’t ever need a therapist.

Author’s Bio:

Jessica is a traveler by heart. Along with frequently penning down her thoughts related to the travel experiences, she is an avid biker and an expert reviewer of motorcycle adventure products too.