Silver metals’ beauty and splendor have captivated people since the dawn of civilization. It is among the earliest metals discovered by man and for centuries it has featured in many useful applications. It is a beautiful natural metal, but it is too soft. An alloy such as copper is required to make silver workable, especially for jewelry making. Sterling silver consisting 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy metal is the result. 925 sterling silver has gradually evolved to become one of the most important metals in jewelry making. Sterling silver jewelry is dashing, durable and trendy. Sterling silver is a favorite of innovative designers, and you will find a versatile range of pieces in the market. It is easy to customize this kind of jewelry to get your dream piece and the metals hypoallergenic qualities make it perfect for people with skin allergies.

If you are in the market for a brilliant earring, stud, bangle, pendant or necklace, you need to consider the outstanding qualities that give sterling silver an edge over other metals. Buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry saves you money, and you can add to your collection with a single purchase.

In this article, you will learn how to buy beautiful sterling silver jewelry and get good value for your money. Read on.

Find the Best Sterling Silver Jewelry

Before starting your search, take time to research the price of high-quality sterling silver jewelry. You should never rush when buying this type of jewelry because it costs a lot. Like with any other big purchase, take time to learn the market prices to create your budget. If you already have some designs in mind, look at the average prices especially for customers buying in bulk.

You should ask about the pricing model to understand price variations between different pieces on offer. While at it, make sure you evaluate the refund policies each store offers. It is important to consider the refund policy in case the items you purchase are not satisfactory.

Talk to the Seller

When shopping for jewelry, it is important to talk directly to the seller or a representative. If you want to purchase high-quality sterling silver jewelry, take time to consult the seller and get any clarifications you need. While the internet has made shopping easy, you cannot get all the answers you need.

Talking to the jeweler or a store’s representative helps clear any doubts in your mind. For instance, you can ask about the quality guarantees, customization, better pricing among other things. If the jewelry store owner is available, it is a sign of a store’s credibility. There are jewelry scams on the internet, and one way of avoiding them is by asking to talk to the seller. By talking to the seller, you also get a better understanding of the store’s background and location.

Check Silver Hallmarks

Due to the popularity of sterling silver in jewelry manufacture, there are online scams taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. Many customers have fallen for such scams and ended up with subpar jewelry. To avoid this, make sure you buy Silver-Grade Specifications which comes with certain markings or hallmarks. The markings help distinguish real and fake jewelry in the market. The seller will help you with a magnifying glass to spot the tiny markings.

If you are in the market for sterling silver jewelry, look for the marking “STERLING” or “.925”. The two marks represent high-quality silver and you can then go ahead and purchase sterling silver jewelry from that specific store. You might also notice the marking/hallmark “EPNS.” Many store owners will try to convince you that this is high-quality silver but you should know better. The markings stand for “electroplated nickel silver.” It is not the real thing and you will instead but a nickel substitute which looks like sterling silver.

To make a good purchase of sterling silver jewelry in bulk, you should also carry out a physical examination of the pieces. For a start, these pieces should not move when placed close to a magnet.

When you hit a real sterling silver piece with a metal tool, it gives a high-pitched ring which lasts for some time.

If you wipe the piece with a clean white cloth, there are black marks which appear when sterling silver oxidizes. You can also get an appraisal for the metal to rest any doubts you might have.

Other reasons to invest in sterling silver jewelry include:

  • Easy to Maintain

The best thing about sterling silver jewelry is that it is easy to maintain. While most buyers fear tarnishing of their silver jewelry, a simple solution can deal with this. You only have to wear your jewelry to prevent tarnishing. Your body’s skin oils, keep your silver piece shining and looking elegant. If you wear your sterling silver jewelry regularly and wipe it with a piece of cloth now and then, your pieces will remain as good as new.

  • Versatility

One of the reasons more people opt to buy sterling silver jewelry is because of the versatile nature of the pieces. Whether you want a piece to accompany your evening dress or one to go with your casual outfit, your jeweler will have one for you. Silver has an amazing impact on every outfit. If you are in the market for a type of jewelry to enliven your look, go for a sterling silver piece. It is a type fi jewelry you will find in weddings, soirees, formal gatherings and many other places. You can also blend sterling silver pieces which other metals such as gold or platinum for a magnificent look.

If you are in the market for wholesale sterling silver jewelry, it is advisable to do your research to identify the market prices. You should also seek referrals and recommendations to identify the best sellers. Make inquiries and seek clarifications about this type of jewelry, pricing and everything else. Also, look for hallmarks which indicate the quality of silver prices you want to buy.