As creating a significant community impact and becoming one of the trusted brands are goals many businesses and marketers want to have with every marketing campaign they make today, integrating the Public Relations marketing strategy fits the outcome they want to achieve with their campaigns.

Since technology changes the way businesses or other organizations do their PRs, a new form of Public Relations strategy emerges. Following the trend where people spend more time connecting with each other virtually, the digital PR marketing strategy is introduced.

And as this PR marketing strategy promulgated, many businesses and other organizations are now looking for new ways to conveniently expose the product or service they market to the online masses. With interlinking their PR campaigns to QR codes as one of the technological ways they can execute, let us first learn more about what digital PR is and how it works.

What is digital PR, and how does it work?

Digital PR or digital Public Relations is a marketing strategy that utilizes all the digital content and media platforms to create an instant connection with billions of netizens worldwide by serving non-invasive content for them to read, view, and try on.

Just like the traditional PR marketing, where businesses connect with reputable print and TV media to introduce their product and leave a mark to millions of people, digital PR also does the same, but instead of connecting to print and TV media, they will tap on reputable online news websites, blogs, influencers, and social media pages to boost their campaign and rank on the internet’s search engine like Google and Bing.

The way digital PR works is aligned with the Search Engine’s optimization factors. If one makes a wrong digital PR move, they will eventually lose some traffic and suffer some profit loss.

How can QR codes help you maximize your Digital PR marketing Strategy?

As digital PR is still a new marketing strategy that many marketers and businesses try to execute successfully, partnering their campaign with other technological tools like QR codes can help them figure out how they can maximize their marketing strategy with it.

With the availability of a reliable best free QR code generator with logo online, they can easily navigate their digital PR means and shorten their online ranking escalation expectations by following these QR code digital PR ways.

Use them to create an intriguing buzz with the established online publications.

You can use QR codes as an avenue to create a buzz for digital publicists, journalists, and influencers to create content about your current marketing means without needing to reach out to them.

Create an offline to online content consumption for readers in the offline community

If you are a digital PR marketer and you are looking for an easy way for more people to get a hold of the content you create from your clients, you can integrate the use of QR codes to store a link of your Digital PR stories and place them in your print advertising means.

Lead people to visit your homepage or social media pages with the use of a social media QR code

To make way for netizens to reach their business homepage or social media pages easily, businesses and marketers can integrate a social media QR code to store the links in one landing page and scan one that is added in their print marketing.

Benefits of using QR codes for your digital PR

As digital PR is now intensively incorporated by most companies and organizations today, adding QR codes in their digital PR strategy is can be beneficial for marketers and businesses. These benefits include:

1. Creates an easy way for people to connect to your online website and social media pages

2. Helps boost your online traffic with every scan and page visits

3. Increases your online website trust

4. Have a higher lead to customer conversion rate

How to create a QR code for your Digital PR?

Digital PR is a new marketing avenue that many marketers are still figuring out how to create a successful marketing campaign. Creating a digital PR campaign is now a necessity to create a digital footprint and be easily recognized by netizens online.

To create one, here are the following QR code creation steps:

1. Visit an online QR code generator with logo site and make your account.

2. Select the category of the Digital PR material you want to turn into a QR code

3. Choose the generate dynamic QR code icon and generate your QR code

4. Redesign your QR code and run a scan test

5. Download your QR code and strategically distribute it.


As the world is now moving forward with a future where almost everything is can be found virtually with just a few clicks, businesses and marketers are also aligning their marketing tactics with this shift.

With digital PR as one of the tactics they incorporate to boost their online presence and dominance, relying on this method in creating definitive lead generations and conversion can be challenging to execute.

Since they will need to exert more time and effort in ranking their website and social media on the internet, marketers, and businesses can integrate QR codes to maximize their digital PR means.